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The MHCR-T3 program trains officers and professionals from police organizations across Ontario to become certified instructors for Mental Health Crisis Response (MHCR) training. The MHCR program is also offered by Laurier's Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being.

This six-hour course is comprised of six modules that outline the development of the MHCR program and teach future MHCR facilitators the knowledge and skills to implement the program at the police service level. MHCR facilitators will have 45 days following registration to complete all modules and assessments successfully.

Laurier issues a certificate upon completion and keeps a central registry of all instructors who have successfully completed the T3 program.

Required Modules

The T3 program requires the successful completion of the following modules.

T3 Refresher Course Framework (MHCR-T3R)

Certified MHCR instructors are required to be re-credentialed every three years. This entire course will be provided asynchronously online with rolling registration through the Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being to suit learners’ schedules.

The T3R will ensure that MHCR facilitators continue to implement new scenarios with high fidelity and promote generalization of skills to newly available forum and evaluation scenarios. Upon successfully completing the MHCR T3 Refresher Course, the MHCR facilitator will be issued a new certificate of completion with a new expiration date.

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