Recognizing the value of our employees as trusted partners, Human Resources collaborates with leaders at Laurier to facilitate the process of building capacity and delivering solutions to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and growth through the following programs and services: 

Employee Achievement Awards

Employee Achievement Awards recognize and reward significant contributions by our faculty and staff. Each year we hold a ceremony and reception to recognize award winners and long service employees of 15, 25, 35 and 40 years.

Onboarding Programs

From Hire to Hawk New Employee Onboarding

A one-day event focused on introducing, engaging and connecting new staff members to the Laurier community. Over the course of the day, staff have the opportunity to network, meet current employees, learn about supports and resources available, explore the campus and learn about their role in the overall success of the university.

New Faculty Orientation Program

Every summer, new faculty are invited to participate in the New Faculty Orientation Program. This program strives to share the Laurier way through exploring our research story, teaching policies and practices and the supports available to new faculty during the transition to Laurier.

New Manager Onboarding Program

The goal of the New Manager Onboarding program is to provide new managers with the training, resources and skills needed to successfully transition to a leadership role at Laurier. This program is focused on developing both a managerial skillset and a leadership mindset, as well as providing a general knowledge of policies, procedures and tools to help new managers succeed. Each month, new managers have the opportunity to attend guided discussions or workshops, totalling a week and a half of programming (or 49 total hours) over the period of one year.

Training, Certificates and Workshops

Laurier offers a variety of personal and professional development opportunities with the goal of:

  • Developing and strengthening knowledge and skills.
  • Assisting teams in working positively in an exciting, changing and growing environment.
  • Networking and meeting staff from all areas of the university and campuses.
  • Increasing equity and Indigenous education, learning and knowledge.
  • Engaging in meaningful conversation and activities to enhance experiences and increase growth opportunities.

Staff Development Day

Staff Development Day is an annual conference for Laurier employees. Each year, we focus on a specific theme for the keynote and break-out sessions that are offered throughout the day. We also aim to provide staff with the opportunity to connect with others who they may not interact with in their position.