Developing the Strategy


In September 2018, Laurier embarked on a strategic planning process to create a five-year mission for the university’s future. A steering committee, comprising 28 members from all areas of the university, led the development of the Laurier strategy through extensive consultations and research over several months. Alumni, faculty, staff, students and community members expressed tremendous pride in Laurier’s accomplishments and ambition to continue pursuing excellence. They articulated a desire, as Laurier develops, to preserve and strengthen the sense of community that has distinguished Laurier throughout its history.

Since the late 1990s, Laurier has transformed from a primarily undergraduate university to a comprehensive one. The multi-campus environment, growing internationalization, and increases in graduate programming, research and scholarship are evidence of how the university has changed over the last two decades. This transformation is still in progress.

Laurier Strategy: 2019-2024 sets a mission for the institution that is guided by two distinct strategic themes: thriving community and future-readiness. The themes and sub-themes are a high-level guide for developing unit-specific plans across the university that will be tied to key metrics and outcomes (to be developed in 2019-20). This document is a public statement of Laurier’s ambitions and aspirations over the next five years.