Looking Ahead


The next decade will bring significant changes to the way we live, learn and work. Engaged and aware global citizens are needed to address challenges such as economic and social inequality, cultural divisions, environmental change, and rapidly changing technology. These profound challenges are distinguished by their highly interdependent nature; the connections among them are deep, circular and complex.

At the same time, Canadian universities are experiencing systemic challenges, including uncertain funding, precarious employment and demographic changes. The university is committed to finding ways to address these challenges to pursue our core missions of teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and community engagement. Universities are in a unique position to address internal and external challenges through collaboration, interdisciplinary approaches and partnerships across institutions, communities, government, and industry.

Laurier commits to developing the competencies of our graduates so that they emerge ready to face whatever challenges the future may hold. The university’s role in enabling critical, contextual, and technical thinkers through research and teaching has never been more important. Therefore, we must examine our own structures and practices to better understand how we can pursue our mission in new contexts.

As we confront the challenges of the next decade and beyond, we are guided by our institutional mission, vision and values, which were approved by the Senate and Board of Governors in 2008.