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Pursuing an education in Laurier’s most interdisciplinary faculty will be one of the greatest journeys of your life. In this fast-changing and ever-evolving world, it’s imperative that you can apply your knowledge in effective and impactful ways. We strive to offer deep grounding in knowledge and a skillset that makes you stand out in your career.

C3 Innovation Labs (C3IL) is a hub of socially innovative and community-engaged experiential learning opportunities in the Faculty of Arts. C3IL creates these opportunities with a unique partnership among the three ‘Cs’:

  • The Laurier campus;
  • The tri-cities (Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge); and
  • Our local communities.

We offer a mixture of for-credit course-based programs, internships and other opportunities that apply your Arts education to understand the complex social challenges faced by our cities and communities. Hands-on programming gives you the chance to create and test solutions for these challenges, while earning credit toward your degree.

C3IL seeks to inspire and empower our students, and nurture a future generation of changemakers who will lead our communities, our cities and our planet to a more authentic, vibrant and sustainable future.

Victoria Coon

How Will You Make a Difference?

Laurier student Tori Coon shares her Community Engagement Option experience.

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