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Becoming a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams – it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Evan Grice (BA '18)

youth care worker at a secure custody facility

"My time at Laurier started off shaky. After my first year I was placed on academic probation and I changed my program two times until I found Sociology to be the right fit for me. I only found success in the program with the guidance and understanding provided by professors such as Dr. Richard Christy and Dr. James Overboe.

"Dr. Christy encouraged me to push myself to seek out opportunities that I thought to be far-fetched, and stood as a very positive role model. Dr. Overboe [presented] the coursework in a way that made everyone engaged in the material. Not only this, but Dr. Overboe was one of the most understanding individuals I have ever met who had a plethora of personal experience that he was able to use in class... helping all of us students learn and remain engaged. Dr. Christy not only showed genuine care for the marks his students received, but also showed a care for our progression as individuals."

Lindsay McConnell-Chaddock (BA '18)

"Laurier's Sociology program offers a very diverse selection of courses. I really commend Laurier for this diversity because it allows students to connect with their studies on many different levels. Being able to explore multiple streams of Sociology has allowed me to not only grow as a student, but a person as well, and it has helped me discover the exact career path that I will enjoy most after graduation.

"The diverse course selection in Sociology allows students from all different backgrounds and social locations in society to connect to their studies. Also, the small class sizes available at Laurier are beneficial to those who cannot excel in large crowds. In most of my classes, I was not just a number or semi-familiar face to my professor, more often than not, my professors actually knew my name. This allows for students to connect more with their studies and their professors, which helps students to not get lost in the crowd. It is much harder to disengage in your studies when your professor actually recognizes you."

Nurul Noor (BA '18)

research assistant

"The Sociology program at Laurier allowed me to develop a very holistic perspective on the matter of social justice. It brought to the forefront various challenges faced in the society, aspects that must be further discussed.

"This program does not only teach you about the academic world, but also your own position within the society. It allows for self-growth, a quality which is not present in all programs or fields.

"For my time at Laurier, graduating from the Sociology program, I can proudly say that I am not only leaving with a piece of paper, in other words the degree, but also with an abundance of memories and knowledge that I can use in the future."

Sashauna Bent (BA '19)

"Laurier's Sociology program is absolutely amazing. This program teaches you invaluable things.

"I love learning about sociology from a sociological lens. I love to see how it applies to different aspects of my life, and how I could use it in my future endeavours. I also think the professors are really all passionate about what they do and especially about how they teach to affect change. I also love how close the faculty is with the Laurier Sociology Students Association.

"SY309 and SY390, taught by Dr. Panu, were the first Sociology courses to really allow me to think critically and deeply about social issues. I have taken my experiences learning the content with me since I took the courses. I have used it ever since which I think is the point of what we learn in sociology."

Eve Smerchinski (BA '20)

"It’s prudent to understand the society you live in and why individuals as well as groups act in the way they do. And this program allows you the opportunity to learn more about how you can help people — how you can help society.

"My favourite course in Sociology is Quantitative Methods. Professor Ellis Hale taught this course in a very interactive way. I learned how applicable the course was to real world.

"I don’t feel like just a number in this program."


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