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May 23, 2015
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French Program

The French program is a dynamic and innovative program offering a wide variety of courses in language, literature, culture and film. Students gain a mastery of the French language and an in-depth knowledge of intellectual and cultural developments in the French-speaking world while developing a vital set of analytical skills. The French faculty is composed of teacher-scholars committed to providing a lively and engaging classroom experience and to contributing to scholarly research in such diverse fields as linguistics, language pedagogy, literary criticism, cultural studies and film studies. The program is strong and diversified, with emphasis on immersion of the student in the culture and language of study. All courses are taught in French. French could also be part of the Honours BA in Languages as language I or II, or it could part of the Mediterranean Studies program.  

Honours BA in French (2014-2015 Undergraduate Calendar)

The Honours French program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. Students must take at least 11.0 but no more than 12.0 credits in French.

Required courses:
FR250, FR251, FR260, FR290, FR360

In addition to the requirements above:
Students must complete four of the following courses: FR232, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR236, FR237, FR238, FR385; plus four of the following courses: FR332, FR334, FR335, FR336, FR338, FR433, FR434, FR435, FR437, FR485.

Additional Information:
Language courses must be taken in sequence, except with permission of the department.  Students are encouraged to take part in an exchange program at a French-speaking university. Contact Laurier International for details.  In addition to the required courses, students who intend to go into teaching are advised to take FR260.

Honours BA French in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The requirements are the same as for Honours French Language and Literature except that a minimum of 8.0 credits in French is required.


French Minor (2014-2015 Undergraduate Calendar)

Three (3.0) credits in total including: FR230, FR231 and an additional 0.5 credit in French language; and in culture; three of: FR232, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR236, FR237, FR238, FR385.

French Course Offerings in 2014-2015


Introductory French I/> 0.5/>


FR102/> Introductory French II/> 0.5/>


FR230/> Practical French I 0.5/>


FR231/> Practical French II/> 0.5/>

FR232/> French Culture I: The French Battlefield from Fortified Castles to the Saint-Barthélémy/> 0.5/>


/> FR234/> French Culture III: From the "Arc de Triomphe" to the "Tour Eiffel"/> 0.5/>


FR235/> French Culture IV: Modern Times/> 0.5/>


Québec Culture II: From French Canadian to Québécois/> 0.5/>


FR245/> French Grammar/> 0.5/>


FR250/> Language through Popular Culture I/> 0.5/>


FR251/> Language through Popular Culture II/> 0.5/>


FR260/> French Pronunciation: Norm and Variation/> 0.5/> />


FR290/> A Journey through French Literature/> 0.5/>


FR330/> Advanced Translation I/> 0.5/>  


FR332/> Famous Couples in 17th-Century French Literature/> 0.5/>

FR334 Self and Other 0.5


Atelier in Composition and Stylistics/> 0.5/>


FR385/> Innovations in French Cinema/> 0.5/>


The Search for Identity/> 0.5/>


FR437/> The Power of Words in Québec Literature after 1960/> 0.5/>


FR438/> Francophone Cultures through the Mystery Novel/> 0.5/> />


Guide for proper French levels

Students are expected to register in the correct level of French based on their highest level of French, completed in high school.

The following is a guideline for proper placement in the various levels of French courses offered:

Highest grade level completed:

Course to register in:

Grade 9 Core French or below


Grade 10 Core French


Grade 11 Core French


Grade 12 Core French


Grade 12 French AP level 4


Grade 12 French Immersion

FR250 or FR245

Graduation from a French high school

FR360 *Consult with Academic Advisor

HBA French in Combination, Academic Progression Sheet

HBA French in Combination, Academic Progression Sheet

HBA in French, Academic Progression Sheet

HBA in French, Academic Progression Sheet

Cross-Registration with University of Waterloo

Cross-Registration with University of Waterloo


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