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June 25, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Undergraduate Awards

Women and Gender Studies Awards

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The following is a list of some of the past recipients of awards/scholarships in dedicated Women's Studies/Women and Gender Studies Awards:

Campbell/Verduyn Fund, Prize for Women's Studies (Full time WS, highest mark in WS100)

Ashley Lieu (2013/2014)
Mackenzie McGraw-Yan (2012/2013)
Myscha Burton-Ogrodnik (2011/2012)
Roza Nozari (2010/2011)
Charlene Roberts (2009/2010)
Emily Christy (2008/09)
Laura Adelman (2007/08)
Michael Burns (2006/07)
Alexandra Apolloni (2004/05)
Rachael McKnight (2003/04)

The Margaret Royal Memorial AwardFull-time undergraduate student in Year 2 or Year 3 of WS, excellent academic achievement)

Ashley Lieu (2013/2014)
Myscha Burton-Ogrodnik (2012/13)
Charlene Roberts (2011/2012)
Lauren Tilly (2009/10 and 2010/2011)
Laura Adelman (2008/09)
Ariel Kroon (2007/08)
Jessica Huber (2006/07)
Amy Gullage (2004/05)
Cresta Mitchell (2003/04)

Women and Gender Studies Faculty and Staff Scholarship (WS student, completed WS portion of degree with the highest cumulative GPA in WS courses)

Myscha Burton-Ogrodnik and Lauren Burrows (2014/2015)
Roza Nozari (2013/2014)
Lauren Tilly (2012/13)
Daniel Adelman (2011/2012)
Nicole Brissett (2010/2011)

Joanna Boehnert Memorial Scholarship in Women's Studies(no longer offered: was awarded to the graduating student with the highest cumulative GPA in WS courses

Ariel Kroon (2008/09)
Michael Burns (2007/08)
Rachael McKnight (2006/07)
Sheena McDonald (2003/04)
Keely McIntosh (2002/03)

Women and Gender Studies Bursary Fund(WS major; proven financial need)

Sally Amoabeng (2013/2014)
Kendra St. Cyr (2012/2013)
Kaitlin Regimbald (2011/2012)
Natalie Palma (2010/2011)
Jessica Howell (2009/2010)

Mary Raymer Wright Bursary(WS major; proven financial need)

Chantel Hamel, Melissa Pole, Kendra St. Cyr and Kristine White (2013/2014)
Jan Boomhouwer, Myscha Burton-Ogrodnik and Amanda Fraser (2012/2013)
Nicole Hunt, Mary-Grace Falvo, Ariel Kroon and Caitlin McDonald (2009/2010)

Careers in Women and Gender Studies

Recent changes in policies and practices in the public and private sectors have led to an increasing number of job possibilities for people knowledgeable about women and gender issues. Personnel offices, human resources, public policy, government, police forces, social services agencies and educational institutions, are all interested in employees with such knowledge, especially for positions such as employment equity and sexual harassment positions. Women and Gender Studies coursescan also help to prepare students for careers in areas such as law, medicine, business, politics, community action, social policy and planning, fine arts, teaching and research.

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