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November 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Information

Faculty members who are employed on a contract basis at WLU are called by the WLUFA collective agreements "CAS," short for Contract Academic Staff.

The Elected Part-time Appointment Committee (PTAC) for the Women and Gender Studies Program for 2015-16 consists of:

M. Toye (Chair)
S. Khan
C. Arnason

D. Kotsopoulos andN. Pravazas alternates

Academic Postings (All full-time and CAS postings at WLU)

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Roster Application Form

Assessment of CAS Candidates Form

The following faculty will be teaching Fall 2015/Winter 2016:

Kelly Baker (WS212)
Neil Balan (WS211OC)
Leslie Nichols (WS204OC)
Helen Ramirez (WS100B, C, Eand BR, WS204 and WS208)
Bianca Rus (WS203OC and WS305)
Lorraine Vander Hoef (WS100OC and WS203A)