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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
August 4, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Coordinating Committee 2014/15

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Margaret Toye, Associate Professor

Administrative Assistant:

Ms. Faith McCord,Senior Administrative Assistant, Women and Gender Studies

Full-time Faculty in Women and Gender Studies:

Dr. Robert Diaz,Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies (on leave 2014-15)

Dr. Shahnaz Khan,Professor, Women and Gender Studies / Global Studies

Dr. Margaret Toye,Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Karen Stote, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Faculty from other Departments teaching Women and Gender Studies Courses:

Dr. Ginette Lafreniere,Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work

Members at Large:

Dr. Carolyn Arnason, Associate Professor, Music

Dr. Sharon Marquart, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures

Joanne Oud,Librarian (including for Women and Gender Studies)

Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies

CAS Representatives:


Student Representatives:

Chantel Hamel (
Ethan Jackson (

Centre for Women and Trans People Representative

Sally Amoabeng (