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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
July 27, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Coordinating Committee 2015/16

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Margaret Toye, Associate Professor

Administrative Assistant:

Ms. Faith McCord,Senior Administrative Assistant, Women and Gender Studies

Full-time Faculty in Women and Gender Studies:

Dr. Shahnaz Khan,Professor, Women and Gender Studies / Global Studies

Dr. Margaret Toye,Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Karen Stote, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Faculty from other Departments teaching Women and Gender Studies Courses:

Dr. Ginette Lafreniere,Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work

Members at Large:

Dr. Carolyn Arnason, Associate Professor, Music

Dr. Shohini Ghose, Associate Professor, Physics and Computer Science

Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos, Professor, Faculty of Education

Joanne Oud,Librarian (including for Women and Gender Studies)

Dr. Natasha Pravaz, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies

CAS Representatives:


Student Representatives:

Nicole Burns (

Danielle LeDuc ( - alternate

Ashley Lieu (

Centre for Women and Trans People Representative: