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October 10, 2015

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Life Outside the Classroom

Making the most of your university career

University is about learning - inside the classroom and outside the classroom. In fact, one of the first pieces of advice you will receive when you arrive at university is to get involved in campus life. 2024_01_wlu09sprinlllg_113.jpg

There are tremendous benefits to getting involved in student life; you will meet new people, you will gain valuable experience and skills, and you will become a well-rounded graduate.
In today's job market many employers look at what a student did outside of the classroom. They want to hire individuals who can find a balance in their lives; individuals who are excited to learn new things.

The first thing you will notice when you arrive on campus is that there are so many things to get involved in - it can actually be overwhelming.

Tips on Getting Involved in First Year

Although it is tempting to dive in and volunteer for everything, it is important to think about your interests and pick one or two organizations to start with, especially in first year. Keep in mind that you will have a lot of school work to do so focus on what your real passions are and what set of skills you'd like to acquire. Do you enjoy athletics, religion, theatre, community service, politics or marketing? Do you want something that allows you to have your weekends free or do you want to volunteer on the weekend? Start making a list of your interests and then prioritize them.

Contact the person who is responsible for the co-ordination of that club or organization. Fortunately, many universities introduce you to all the extra-curricular opportunities during Orientation Week. Don't be scared or embarrassed; organizations are always looking for new members.

Get involved in the organization from the beginning and remember that the goal is to develop useful skills, while meeting students who share common interests as you... and of course having fun!

Stay involved! It is crucial for students to continue to be as involved at university as they were in high school. The good news is that you are not totally starting from scratch - the leadership skills you developed in high school will advance with you.

For information about all the ways to get involved in Laurier's vibrant student life, visit our Student Experience Website