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October 6, 2015

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Do you Guarantee Residence?

Laurier guarantees a space in residence to all first-year students (those who are attending University for the first time in an undergraduate program.) Students who have a mid-term average of 90 percent or higher have their choice of residence style and room style.

All first-year undergraduate students who are offered admission to Wilfrid Laurier University for the fall/winter academic term beginning in September 2011 must submit their completed First-Year Residence Application online (together with required $400 deposit) no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday, June 1, 2012 to be guaranteed a place in residence. Any applications received after 11:59 p.m. will NOT be guaranteed residence.

In their Offer of Admission, some students may be provided with a further guarantee of their preferred residence style and room type (as indicated on their application form), as a result of their outstanding academic performance (usually a mid-term admission average of 90% or higher). Students receiving this offer must submit their completed residence application together with the $400 deposit online no later than 4:30 p.m. Thursday June 2, 2011 in order for their residence style and room type preferences to be guaranteed.

What are the residences like at Laurier?

There are many different residences on campus. At Laurier, 80% of our first year students decide to live in residence making it easy for you to meet people from all over the province and the world. Students with an incoming mid-term average of 90% or higher have their choice of residence style and room style. We offer co-ed and single gender residences, dormitory or apartment-style residences (with single or double rooms). To learn more about residence life, visit the Residential Services Web site.

How do I know which building to choose to live in?

Residence placement is done through request and lottery system. Once accepted to Laurier, you will receive a Residence Application. It is through this application that you indicate your preferred style of residence and style of room. All first year students are guaranteed residence provided they submit their deposit and application by the stated deadline, however, we cannot guarantee what residence building you will be in. It is important to remember that your residence experience is not so much where you live, but more the people you live with! Also remember, that students with an incoming mid-term average of 90% or higher have their choice of residence style and room style.

Does Residence have Internet Connection?

Yes, all residence building are equipped with Internet connection.

How does the meal plan work?

Laurier's meal plan works on levels. The Food Services Department offers an a-la-carte declining balance meal plan system, which provides students with the flexibility and freedom of individual choice. You choose a plan that suits you. For more information go to the Food Services Web site.

Is the campus safe?

Safety is extremely important to us at Laurier! The University Security Department is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Foot Patrol, our campus walk-safe program operates 7 days a week from dusk until dark. This is a service offered by students, for students, and it is free of charge for all students. A male and female foot patroller will walk a student to locations both on and off campus. The campus is well lit and emergency phones are situated throughout the campus. We also have security cameras in various locations around campus. All of our pay phones on campus have direct links to both Campus Security and Foot Patrol.

Will I lose out by not living in residence?

Not at all! While Residence offers a multitude of opportunities for students, we have several programs to help support students who choose to live off-campus. LOCUS, our Off Campus Don program, ensures that all first year students are welcomed to Laurier in a positive and healthy manner. Off-Campus Dons are upper-year students from many faculties who are carefully selected and extensively trained. Specifically, they help meet the needs of first-year off-campus students by maintaining regular contact with first-year students via phone and email. Feel free to visit the LOCUS Web site for further information.