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October 6, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Planning and preparing for your tour

Ask yourself the following questions before you comefor your tour:

What programs or courses interest me?

Which subject(s) am I good at?

What are the subjects in which I am strong?

How many years do I plan to be in university?

How will I pay for university?

How early should I start saving for university?

Is living at home a possibility/preference?

Can I afford to and do I want to live away from home?

Do I want to attend a small, medium or large university?

Is the look and feel of the campus I choose important to me?

Admission Requirements:

Whatcourses are required in order to be admitted into myprograms ofinterest?

Are there additional admission requirements for admission to the program I am interested in?

Do you accept courses that have been taken through night school, summer school and correspondence?


What is an undergraduate degree?

Does your university have the program that interests me?

The difference between a professional program and a master's degree?

Where can I get more information about a particular program?

Look at your calendar or visiting your Web site for more information?


What are the costs involved in attending your university for one year?

Do you award scholarships automatically or do I need to apply?

What are the criteria for your scholarships and when are the amounts determined?


How do you apply for residence?

Is residence guaranteed?

What varsity sports are available?

Can you still play sports if you are not on a varsity team?

Campus support services offered especially for new students?

What are the class sizes like at your university for a first-year student?

Will there be special events throughout the year that will be geared towards the younger students who will be admitted in 2004?

Next Step:

When are your campus tours available?

Are you offering any special open houses during the fall?

What can I expect from the information sessions?