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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
October 9, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Jessie Snyder

Campus Ambassador,

3rd Year Global Studies

Waterloo, ON

Welcome to Laurier!

My name is Jessie Snyder, and I was born and raised in Kitchener/Waterloo. I am a third year Honors Global Studies student, with an Environmental Studied Minor. Growing up in KW I was exposed to the fantastic spirit, and atmosphere that Wilfrid Laurier University projects not just on its campus but throughout the KW region. The first year experience at Laurier is one of a kind, and the constant excitement, both academically, and through extracurricular activities makes every day interesting. These experiences inspired me to continue to be active within events and programs long after my first year.

From the moment I arrived at Laurier I was blown away by the array programs and activities available to get involved in. I began with O-Week , House Council, Residence Volleyball, and my personal favorite, Hawk Weekend. After first year I got the privilege to be one of Laurierís Residence Life Dons, in Clara Conrad Residence, and plan to continue my residence life involvement as a Residence Education Advisor this year. I am also proud to be among the ranks of Laurierís amazing Campus Ambassadors.††

From the moment I stepped foot on campus in instantly fell in love with the school, and I could not ask for a better home away from home. I hope you can visit our beautiful campus, and be inspired to love Laurier as much as I do.