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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
October 7, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Karen Bang

Campus Ambassador,

4th Year Kinesiology

Markham, ON

Hello! My name is Karen and my home aside from Laurier is Markham. I am in the Bachelor of Science Kinesiology program as well as in the midst of pursuing my Biology minor and completing my cooperative education option.

It is my fourth and final year here at Laurier and I have been a part of many wonderful extracurricular activities. Living in residence as a first year student was an exhilarating experience. I was able to immerse myself entirely into Laurier's campus culture and in the end, I was astonished by how much I matured. I have also been involved in intramural sports since my first year. Playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball and inner tube water-polo has allowed me to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle at a friendly, yet competitive level.

During my final year, I will also be working at Laurier's Athletic Complex as a fitness centre attendant. I am very excited to be an advocate of health and wellness, all while working in a high energy and newly renovated facility.

As part of my program, I have chosen to pursue an undergraduate thesis project under my biomechanics professor. This will be an incredible experience as I hope to continue to graduate studies after completing my program at Laurier.

As you can see, my fourth year will be a busy one, but I am excited for every bit of it! Across campus, students are juggling between classes, extracurricular activities, jobs and a social life. But that is what we thrive for here at Laurier; the well-rounded student experience that balances academics and all things outside of the lecture hall. We could not be more excited about our busy schedules and constantly being occupied with another campus commitment!