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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
October 7, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Michael McConnell

Campus Ambassador,

3rd Year Business Administration

Kingston, ON

WELCOME TO LAURIER all of you future Golden Hawks!!!

Before I introduce myself, I would like to congratulate each and every one of you. You have all taken a step in the right direction through considering too pursue a post-secondary degree at this amazing school! Three years ago, I was in the same position as all of you; uncertain, overwhelmed, and most importantly excited! Fast-forward a few years and now my job as an ambassador is to convince you that Laurier truly is an amazing community. Here at Laurier we pride ourselves on providing endless opportunities to get involved with campus activities, having an overly impressive support system to help everyone achieve academically and fostering a fantastic environment to help students prepare for the real world! Now, Iíll briefly tell you a bit about myself and all of the amazing things this school has done for me.

My name is Mike McConnell, and I am a third year Business Student with the co-op option that is minoring in Economics and specializing in Accounting. I know a mouthful right?

I was born and raised in Kingston ON., and when I decided to choose the BBA program here at Laurier, I only knew about a handful of people that were coming to this school. With that being said, I made it my sole mission to meet as many people and get as involved as possible. Through my time at Laurier, I have played nearly a dozen intramurals, joined business clubs and the Sigma Chi Fraternity, and have partaken in numerous philanthropic events including Relay for Life, The Inside Ride, and a mission trip to Laredo TX., with Habitat for Humanity. The reason why I have done all of this stuff is because here at Laurier there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved.

In addition to all of the on-campus organizations, clubs and events that we have there are also endless opportunities to achieve academically. AMAZING RIGHT!? As a recipient of the Presidentís Gold Scholarship, I have fully utilized all of our student support systems to make sure that I keep my grades high enough to continue to renew it. With that being said, the transition from high school to university is significantly less painful since these academic support systems exist. Here at Laurier everyone helps everyone! A few of the student run academic programs that myself and thousands of other students take advantage of include ĎSOSí (Students Offering Support) as well as SI (Supplementary Instructions), where fellow students who have already taken the course tutor you in a lecture hall! Now, how great is that!?

As for fostering an environment to prepare the students for the real world, there are hundreds of part time jobs offered as well as a top-notch co-op program. A great experience of mine as a co-op student is that I went to Dammam, Saudi Arabia with my first placement! Now, thatís some real world experience right there!

Iím looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! Just to wrap things up, Iíve never once regretted my decision to come to Laurier, and Iím sure that you wonít either!