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September 3, 2015

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For the best wireless performance, users should ensure that they have the latest drivers for their wireless adapters being used. The following links will redirect to some manufacturers' websites, where driver updates are available.

Belkin D-Link Intel LinkSys NetGear TrendNet

Q: My Windows laptop was able to connect to "laurierwireless" before, but now it is not working. I did not change any configuration - what should I do?

A: You may still using TKIP for data encryption. Please review the Instructions forAES for information on how to change your encryption settings.

If the AES option is not an available on your laptop then this means your wireless network interface card may need to be upgraded in order for you to access the wireless network at Laurier.

Q: I tried following the instructions to get connected to "laurierwireless" but could not connect -what should I do?

A: Please visit the Student Service Desk located in the Concourse, Room 1E4C or the Employee Service Desk located in in Bricker Academic, Room 304.

Q: I have a Mac, can not access to "laurierwifi" and "laurierwireless", it always get self-assigned IP address.

A: Turn off "Airport". Click Spotlight on the right top corner, type in "Keychain" and open "Keychain Access", in the "login" section, highlight the unwanted items, and delete them. Turn on "Airport", choose "laurierwifi" from ssid list. To have laurierwireless connection, please follow the instruction for your particular OS X.

Q: I think my laptop has a hardware problembecause I can not access the wireless network anywhere - what should I do?

A: Please visit Laurier Bookstore which is located in the Concourse and ask for assistance.

Q: My laptop can connect to Internet at home, but not in Laurier campus - what should I do?

A: Please verify that the wireless network connection uses DHCP.

Q: I have Odyssey on my laptop, can I have access to "laurierwireless"?

A: Please remove Odyssey client by following the insrucition below, then install SecureW2 to get access.

Removing the Odyssey client

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Double click on Add or Remove Programs
3. Highlight the Odyssey Client line
4. Click on the Remove box
5. Answer "Yes" when asked if you really want to remove Odyssey