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November 30, 2015

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Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Information

For more information, please see the Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association Collective Agreement for Part-time Contract Academic Staff and Part-time LibrariansSeptember 1, 2013 to August 31, 2016

Part-time Faculty Appointment Committee:

Scott Ramsay (chair),
Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb,
Kevin Stevens,
Jane Rutherford (alternate),
Jonathan Wilson (alternate),

Biology CAS Divisional Council Representatives:

Cristina Gheorghiu
Renuka Karunagoda

Application for Appointment:

If you are a current CAS member, you will receive email notification of all postings. For those who have applied to the roster, you do not need to re-apply for positions when they are posted, unless there are additional courses that are not listed on your roster form. Please ensure that your Laurier e-mail address is active as this address will be used for all communications.

Postings will be listed on the Academic Postings web page for 15 calendar days. Please send applications electronically with a current CV and any additional information to:

Dr. Scott Ramsay
Associate Professor; Chair, Part-time Appointment Committee
Biology Department, Faculty of Science

Roster Application Form

Assessment of Candidates

WLUFA Collective Agreement for Part-time Faculty, 2013-2016

Fall 2015 Appointments

Course Number and Section
Course Title
CAS Instructor
Unifying Life Processes
Laurie Manwell
Rob Boulianne
BI276 Life on Earth: Microbes
Hany Anany
BI368 Plants: Form and Function
Renuka Karunagoda
BI416/HE431 Pathophysiology
Cristina Gheorghiu
Genome Dynamics
Cesar Quinones
Veronica Rodriguez-Moncalvo
Vertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation
Cristina Gheorghiu
Fundamentals of Parasitology
Cristina Gheorghiu

Winter 2016 Appointments

Course Number and Section Course Title CAS Instructor
Biological Diversity and Evolution
Renuka Karunagoda
BI236BR Cell and Molecular Biology
Renuka Karunagoda
BI296A Communication and Critical Thinking Skills in Biology
Kyra Jones
Communication and Critical Thinking Skills in Biology Cristina Gheorghiu
BI338 Cells: Form and Function
Veronica Rodriguez-Moncalvo
BI346/CH351 Advanced Molecular Biology
Erin Westman
Physiological Applications of Microbiology
Saleema Saleh-Lakha
Topics in Environmental Toxicology
Ulysses Klee
BI449 Developmental Biology
Cristina Gheorghiu
BI459 Endocrinology Veronica Rodriguez-Moncalvo
Human Physiology II: Control and Integration
Laurie Manwell

Intersession 2016 Appointments

Course Number and Section Course Title CAS Instructor

BI236Y Cell and Molecular Biology

Life on Earth: Animals

Life on Earth: Plants

BI276Y Life on Earth: Microbes

BI338Y Cells: Form and Function