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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
June 27, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Students graduating with Distinction/High Distinction

Graduation with Distinction

Undergraduate students who have achieved, at graduation, a cumulative GPA for all courses without exception of 11.00 (A) or higher will have the designation "With High Distinction" appear on their degree.

Undergraduate students who have achieved, at graduation, a cumulative GPA for all courses without exception between 10.00 and 10.99 will have the designation "With Distinction" appear on their degree.

Repeated courses and courses declared as 'Extra' are all used in the GPA calculations for distinction eligibility.


Spring 2015
With Distinction
High Distinction
Malcolm Glennie
Brittany Mascioli
Rachel Lackie
Lauren Doherty
Hannah Taalman
Bradley Engelking
Sasha Thomsen
Mireille Golemiec
Kelsey Tikka
Shreya Jalali
Haley Wilcox
Catherine Weiner

Spring 2014
With Distinction
High Distinction
Sarah Asselin
Alyssa Verdin
Leah DeJong

Deanna MacNeil

Katelyn VanMiddelkoop

Jenna Wolno

Spring 2013
With Distinction
High Distinction
Christopher Ryan Lee
Fiona Lester
Elizabeth Morrison
David Lisser
Ivana Mustapic
Max Rochman-Fowler

Kaleb Shelton

Spring 2012

With Distinction
High Distinction
Conor Meschino
Lindsey Clairmont
Mohamed Mursal

Kyle Schaltz

Michelle Stevens

Natalie Ward

Spring 2011
With Distinction
High Distinction
Brittany Barkes
Jennifer Knapp
James Browne
Christine MacColl
Briana Koenig
Colin Way
Kelly Livingstone

Adam Masson

Petrease Patton

Marisa Ramandt

Spring 2009
With Distinction
High Distinction
Peter Friesen
Bradley De Wolf
Katie Knowlton
Brittany Matthews
Gregory Pokocky

Laura Van Damme

Spring 2008

With Distinction
High Distinction
Andre Maddison
Mary Rose Bufalino
Kayla Giroux
Andre Furlonge
Jillian Hanna
Randelle Hewitt
Victoria Lynch

Amanda Mancini

Kara Mendlowicz

Carly Moore

Allison Poyntz

Navjeet Sangha

Spring 2007
With Distinction
High Distinction
Fiona Aiston
Allison Boyd
Alycia Davis
Jonathan Krohn
Jacqueline Holiff
Meghan Martin
Megan House
Geoffrey Skelton
Paul MacLachlan

Lisa Paige

Kristy Pehlke

Brian Pichna

Laura Wheaton

Spring 2006
With Distinction
High Distinction
Nicole Barker
Bonnie Lynn McIntyre
Aimee Caron
Alicia Pepper
Cameron Crawford
Sarah Van Es
Mary Ann Dick

Spring 2005
With Distinction
High Distinction
Rick Donkersgoed
Jason Brown
Ashleigh Farrell
Sarah Wagg