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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
September 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence

ICE (undergraduate level)

The Integrated Case Exercise (ICE) is a week-long case study competition that takes place in the winter and spring terms and is unique in Canada. Started 30 years ago, this competition gives all third-year BBA students the opportunity to analyze current, comprehensive problems facing real companies.

Groups of five to six students present their recommendations in writing and orally to a board of SBE faculty. The groups with the best overall performance before each internal board are selected to present before an external board of business executives, including those of the case company, and other professionals. Through this competition, BBA students have the chance to integrate the management disciplines into a real-time problem-solving context, experience work world pressures, develop presentation skills, and interact with business executives.

Recent ICE Winners

Winter 2015

MacPhie & Company

Congratulation to the winning team!

Danielle Gray

Matthew Provost

Nicholas Bonk

Eugene Kim

Wayne Tran

Spring 2014

Skyjack Inc.

Congratulation to the winning team!

Anna Buchner

Cameron Mclelland

Michael Ryan Blair

Adam Miller

Michelle Alexander

Nicholas Lauer

Winter 2014

CAA, Driver's Training

Congratulations to the winning team!
Gordon Elder
Jeffrey Benson
Nicole Skyora
Rahul Soi
Lisa Kirkham

Spring 2013

Region of Waterloo International Airport

Congratulations to the winning team!
Cody Clayton
Elaine Hu
Heather Mackinnon
Duncan Reynolds
Dynaform Wang