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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
August 29, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Graduate Gold Medalists

This medal is awarded at the fall convocation to the graduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in a master's or doctoral degree program at either the spring or fall convocation.

Spring 2013

Zainab Khan, MABE

Fall 2012

Annika Hillebrandt, MSc

Spring 2012

Lia Zannier, MBA

Fall 2011

Vincent Hamel, MBA

Yunhua Zhu, PhD

Spring 2011

Candace Forbes, MFin

Vishaal Baulkaran, PhD

Fall 2010

Edward Dean, MBA

Spring 2010

Brady Lavender, MABE

Fall 2009

Susana Pulla, MBA

Spring 2009

John Pham, MBA

Fall 2008

Anthony Firmani, MBA

Spring 2008

Pamela Yaguchi, MBA

Fall 2007

Stephen Childs, MABE

Spring 2007

Alexandros Kotsopoulos, MABE

Fall 2006

Gregory Sweeney, MABE

Spring 2006

Dan Georgescu, MBA

Fall 2005

Andrew Friedel, MBA

Spring 2005

J. Michael Dell, MBA

Fall 2004

Jim Gillies, MBA

Spring 2004

Rachel McCorriston, MBA

Fall 2003

Ian Heynen, MBA

Spring 2003

Anthony Shutt, MABE

Fall 2002

Sheldene Simola, MBA

Spring 2002

David Brezer, MBA

Fall 2001

Michael Rimell, MABE

Spring 2001

Kimberly Dawn Wolny, MBA

Fall 2000

Marc Hurwitz, MBA

Spring 2000

Haruki Steven Moore, MBA