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June 26, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Student Tutors 2015/2016

Tutors at the Writing Centreare selected from among the best undergraduate students at Laurier. They most often are referred to us by faculty members. They all have a high GPA (above 10),excel as writers, and are keenly interested in helping fellow students become strong writers. In addition, we also employ outstanding graduate student tutors.

All our tutorsreceive initial andongoing training and are paid for their work.

If you are interested in working as a writing tutor, please contact James Southworth, Writing Consultant at the Writing Centre.We hire tutors in the spring to work in the following academic year.

Short biographies of our current undergraduate tutors are available below.

Seth Adema

My name is Seth, and I am in the third year of a PhD in History at Wilfrid Laurier University, which I began immediately after finishing my MA, also in history, at McMaster University. For my dissertation, I am studying Aboriginal cultural and political movements in Canadian prisons between 1958 and 1996. When I am not working on dissertation related projects, I play ball hockey, go mountain biking, or spend time with my wife and one year old daughter, Morgan.

This is my second year as a tutor at the Writing Centre. Working with students to help them communicate their ideas effectively has been one of the most rewarding parts of my time so far as a graduate student. I look forward to seeing you here soon.

Read more about my interests here.

Emily Bednarz


My name is Emily Bednarz and I am a PhD student in English at Wilfrid Laurier. I completed my MA at the University of Western Ontario and I used to work at the Writing Centre during my undergrad at Laurier. I have worked as a teaching assistant for "Dramatic Forms and Genres" and "Reading Fiction." In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing, reading, singing, painting, photography, attending music festivals, and watching movies and television shows.

Corinne Brassem

Hello! My name is Corinne and I am a fourth year Biology and Anthropology major. This is my second year working at the Writing Centre and I am so excited to be back. I have been involved on campus as an Orientation Week volunteer and as a member of the Student Food Bank. I am looking forward to a fun and successful final year at Laurier and I hope that I can guide you to become a better writer and communicator!


Esther Brockett

Hi! I am a second year student doing a double BA in Biology and Global Studies. Ask me about how those two subjects work together its a sweet combination, I promise! As a student at Laurier I enjoy taking courses on a wide variety of subjects such as Human Geography, English, and Philosophy; I am also involved in several awesome student initiatives, namely the Laurier Undergraduate Journal of the Arts and International Students Overcoming War clubs. I am fluent in French and have spent time living in France and Scotland, as well as traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East. When Im not on campus I love to go on long walks, canoe and kayak with friends and family, play with my dogs, read mystery novels, and spend time with children. I believe that writing about a topic is the best way to learn and therefore I am dedicated to enabling students to enjoy writing within the university context. I hope to have a chance to help you do so at the Writing Centre this year!


Maggie Clark

Maggie Clark is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the English & Film Studies department. Her dissertation addresses representations of astronomy in nineteenth-century literature (fiction and non-fiction alike). 2015/16 will be her third year with the Writing Centre, and she enjoys working with students at every stage in their academic careers.

Samantha Cooper

I am a fourth year Music history major at WLU and this is my second year tutoring at the Laurier Writing Centre. I love to sing, read, boutique shop, and spend time with family and friends. I also enjoy helping others to improve their academic writing. In my free time, I tutor, proctor, and mark music theory and history examinations for the Faculty of Music. Next year, I hope to pursue Musicology graduate studies, either in Canada or the United States.

Emily (Dee) Diemert

Hello! My name is Emily (or Dee). I am a fourth year Global Studies and North American Studies double major and this is my first year working at the Laurier Writing Centre. My academic interests include Indigenous governance, resistance, and sovereignty in North America as well as understanding the role of non-Indigenous allyship in these movements.

I love travelling and discovering new places with my most recent adventure being an exchange semester in Mexico City, Mexico. I also enjoy travelling because of my interest in learning different languages and trying new food. When I am home, however, I can usually be found snuggling with my dog, Teddy, wearing pajamas, and watching Netflix.

I look forward to meeting other Laurier Golden Hawks this semester and hope that I, along with the rest of the Writing Centre team, can help encourage and empower students in their writing abilities throughout this school year.


Nicole Gatchene

Hi there! My name is Nicole, I am in third year completing a Combined Honours BA in History & Political Science with a co-op option. My favourite time period is the 20th century along with international politics. In addition to learning about ruthless dictators, I enjoy reading sensational journalist works or the occasional young-adult novel (my guilty pleasure). A local from Kitchener, I spend my spare time volunteering, hanging out over tea and travelling. Of all my adventures though, its writing that really excites me, whether its crafting an email or an essay, I love it all. Im excited to meet you so I can help with that cool assignment and maybe recommend a hip Kitchener caf as well.


Jen Grieve

Hello, my name is Jen and I am in my second year of an Honours Bachelor's of Arts degree in English here at Wilfrid Laurier University. This is my first year as a tutor at the Writing Centre and I am very excited. I plan to pursue both an MA and PhD in order to continue on to a career in academia. I look forward to working with you and helping the best way I can!


Haydn Lawrence

I am a PhD student in Geography specializing in spatial data and geomatics. My study interests are quite diverse, as demonstrated by my previously completing a Bachelor of Computer Science and later attaining a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a Master of Science in Geomatics. After my undergraduate studies, I taught ESL/EAP at various universities and schools in Asia for the better part of a decade.

Outside of my research or studying languages, I tend to participate in a smorgasbord of activities including scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, snowboarding, computer programming, or just taking an entire day off and reading a book (mostly nerdy Sci-Fi).

I look forward to helping in the areas where you feel less confident while selfishly learning a bit about what it is you are writing about.

Ashley Lieu

Isabelle (Isi) Ingles

My name is Isi and I am in my fourth year at Laurier where I have been studying Psychology along with a minor in Religion and Culture. I am passionate about Laurier, music and helping others and I am so excited to be part of the Writing Centre this year!

Caitlin Mulroney

Hello! My name is Caitlin and I am a third year History major here at Laurier. I enjoy reading historical fiction and watching movies like "Singin' In the Rain" from Classic Hollywood in my spare time. It's hard to stop myself from talking about old films constantly, if I'm honest. As a first-time tutor, I am looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces at the Writing Centre and will do the best I can to help you with your writing!

Guanglong (Zack) Pang

Hello. My name is Guanglong (Zack) Pang. Im a 3rd year student studying Geography with an Environmental Science Option at Wilfrid Laurier University. Im an international student from Shenyang, which is in the Northeast of China. Deep snow has always been my friend since I was born. Ive been working as a peer mentor and ambassador for the international students at Laurier. I love cooking and exercising, and recently, I discovered my passion for photography and video editing. Learning new languages as well as stories from others are my addictions, and Im looking forward to meeting new people


Erica Parnis


My name is Erica Parnis, and Im a third year Honours History & English major with a minor in French. My main areas of research are modernist literature and Vietnam era counterculture movements. I adore horror films and folk music, and I have an ever-expanding collection of clocks with which I irritate my roommates. Other than the Writing Centre, you are most likely to find me hunched over my books in the lesser-inhabited corners of campus with a tea. I promise Im more approachable than my headphones and perpetually frowning face make me look! I love writing and teaching, and I cannot wait to help students become better writers and communicators. See you there!


Cory Scurr


My name is Cory, and Im a fourth year PhD student in history. Broadly speaking, my research focuses on Canadian-Soviet relations during the Cold War. In addition to examining traditional political-diplomatic relations, I look at Canadas use of economic and cultural diplomacy with the USSR and various Eastern European countries. Im also an instructor here at WLU, teaching HI 299: A History of Modern Espionage. Aside from academics, Im also a happy father of three young children.



Hi, I'm Carina! I'm in my third year, double majoring in English and French, and I'm new to the Writing Centre this year. I love literature, and as a huge languages nerd, I am super excited to have the chance to help you out with your French and German assignments. I've had the chance to live in Germany and an Acadian French town in Nova Scotia, so while I'm certainly not a perfect speaker, I'm reasonably fluent in both languages. I also adore all things creative and crafty and am thrilled to be this year's editor-in-chief of Blueprint Magazine. In my spare time I can be found traveling, taking photographs, teaching myself hand-lettering, and trying to convince my roommates to speak French with me. I look forward to seeing you at the Writing Centre!

Christina Shirley

Eric Vero

Hi! My name's Eric Vero and I am a fourth year Honours History major, with a minor in Classics. The areas of history that I am most interested in are Roman history, and World War I. In my spare time I enjoy playing board games with my friends and reading. Hopefully I'll get to meet you at the Writing Centre!

Learn more about Eric at


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