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February 7, 2016

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Address Change

It is the student's responsibility to provide the correct address information to the Graduate Studies Office. Please use the online form available at the Graduate Studies website.


By what date am I expected to finilize my Field fo Study?

The Practicum office requires that you confirm a concentration choice before the practicum planning process begins. They will set a deadline date sometime in September for you to declare a concentration choice and submit your placement planning form. Please visit the practicum website for more information.

How do I change my Field fo Study?

In order to change your Field fo Study, youmust complete and submit the Field of Study Change Request Form. You will be notified by email, when your request is approved.


How do I find information about graduation and where do I apply to graduate?
Please visit the Convocation website for deadlines and application forms related to convocation.

Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW)

What is OASW and why should I join?

The importance of joining

Payment of Fees

Pleasevisit the Business Office website for fee payment information: Business Office

Program and Course Selection

When and how do I choose my courses?
Please review the information found on the Study Planssection of the website. You will need to choose the plan that reflects your Field of Study choice.

All students in the Integrated, International and/or Thesisstream must submit a completed Study Plan Form to the Program Coordinator by late November. This planning is necessary to ensure that all students have completed the required course work needed to graduate.

NOTE: Any changes to your original Study Plan Form must be submitted to the Program Coordinator for approval.

Electives are taken in the final term (Winter Term Year Two) and will be chosen in late spring in Year 1.

How can I see my grades and registration?
Follow these instructions to get to the LORIS system:

1. Remember to close your browser when you are finished.

2. Log onto:

3. Click on "Enter Secure Area"

4. Type in your student number, press "Tab", then type in your PIN. Click on "Login".

5. Click on "Student Services".

6. Click on "Registration".

7. Click on "Select Term".

If you owe fees, you cannot activate your LORIS record. Contact the Business Office to resolve the financial issues.
Thesis Option

If I am interested in doing a thesis, what should I do?
There will be a workshop held in October inviting all students interested in completing a thesis. Please visit our website to review the thesis guidelines and to find the necessary forms to begin the process.

May I register in the IntegratedField of Studyand select the Thesis Option?
No, you must be registered in either the IFG or the CPPO option to select the thesis.

Transcripts and Proof of Enrollment

How do I request a transcript?

Please visit the Office of the Registrar's website to reguest transcripts.

How do I request proof of enrollment?

Please visit the Office of the Registrar website to request a proof of enrollment letter confirming your registration status at Wilfrid Laurier University.

How do I request confirmation of completion of my MSW degree for the Ontario College of Social Worker?

If you have completed all the required courses for your MSW degree and your final marks are posted in Loris but you have not yet graduated, then you can request a letter of Confirmation of Completion of Degree Requirements. Once your degree has beengranted, youmust request official transcripts and send them to theCollege.