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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
February 7, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Dean's Welcome

As Dean of the Faculty of Music, I am pleased to share information with you about Laurierís renowned music programs. Our reputation is built on world-class faculty, world-class students, and a supportive teaching and learning environment. Our range of undergraduate programs includes Performance, Composition, Music Education, Music Theory and Music History. We are also widely known for our Bachelor of Music Therapy and Master of Music Therapy programs and this year we are introducing our Master of Arts in Community Music.

We admit 100 undergraduate students annually and limit overall enrolment to 350. Our numbers allow for easy access to instructors and small classes, especially in upper years, yet weíre large enough to support a full range of ensembles, including a symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, four choirs, jazz ensemble, and outstanding opera and contemporary music ensembles. Laurierís Faculty of Music brings together students to work, not in competition, but in collaboration with one another. We offer instruction in all orchestral instruments, plus piano, organ, voice, classical guitar and historical instruments, including fortepiano and harpsichord. Our programs prepare you for a lifetime in music and provide you with the skills to open new doors as your career unfolds.

As Dean, I am impressed daily by the talent and passion of the people who work and study in Laurierís Faculty of Music. My work affords me the opportunity to be engaged with colleagues and students who are as passionate about music as I am. I am very proud that Laurier is a vital participant in local, national and international musical communities.

The information provided on our website is certainly helpful, but it is best if you can come and spend a day with us on campus and see for yourself our excellent programs and meet our outstanding students and dedicated faculty. If you do come for a campus visit please donít hesitate to introduce yourself to me. If you have any questions please let us know.


Dr. Glen Carruthers