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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
February 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence

About Us

If music is your passion and you want an excellent education, then Laurier is your university. Our dedicated faculty understand your dreams and are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.

Our students tell us that the Faculty of Music at Laurier is special because we offer:

Welcoming Environment
We ease the integration of new students into the University culture. Our Open House Day program is an opportunity for you to visit the University and the Faculty, meet the Dean, attend a concert by our current students, and to tour our Music facilities. Our annual Audition Workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the official audition process through mock auditions, information sessions, and presentations by faculty and students. Our extensive concert series is open to the public and all students are admitted at no charge.

Personal Community with “Generosity of Spirit”
Personal attention and concern for your development form the foundation of our program. Because of our supportive, close-knit community, where faculty are accessible, students learn to work together, and to develop a camaraderie that enables creativity to thrive.

Small Class Sizes

All of our classes have between 15 and 30 students, except for Music History, our largest class, which has approximately 80 students. This class is taught in our new spacious multi-media enhanced classroom.

Outstanding Faculty
All courses are taught by distinguished scholars, performers, and educators who are committed to providing you with an excellent education. To learn about who they are click here.

Studio (Private) Lessons

Performance majors, from second year on, receive a one and one-half hour private lesson per week. Non-performance students receive a one-hour private lesson per week Second Practical Study students receive a one-half hour private lesson per week. All lessons are taught by distinguished performers


All students have weekly masterclasses, which take place within a studio group. Students’ perform for their peers and get additional instruction from for their instructor outside of private lessons. Internationally recognized guest artists often participate, lending their experience to our students.

Subsidized Professional Accompanying

Students work with professional coaches/accompanists who assist with the performance of solo repertoire. There is a minimal charge for Studio accompanying, as the Faculty of Music subsidizes accompanying costs.

Performance majors, receive 36 hours/year of private professional accompanying .

Non-performance students receive 24 hours/year of private professional accompanying.
Second Practical Study students receive 12 hours/year of private professional accompanying.

Several individuals, corporations, and foundations invest in Laurier students' academic and performance pursuits. They establish scholarships and bursaries, donate instruments and music scores. Their direct support of our various music programs and new initiatives allows our students to practice their craft and showcase their talents.