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February 9, 2016

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Welcome to the Laurier Centre for Music in the Community


Why music? Why community? Making music is one of the fundamental ways that humans express themselves, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually and most frequently they do so with others in a musical community setting.

Based on the assumption that music plays a significant role in the life of practically every member of our society, LCMC explores the dimension of life that intersects with music.

Through research, symposia, publishing, projects, partnerships, and concerts, LCMC seeks to connect with music in the community, to collaborate with the music makers, and to contribute to the vitality of the music of people.

  • LCMC is a significant achievement in the context of a research university.
  • LCMC welcomes research addressing any aspect of music and community.
  • LCMC welcomes research in any acceptable method.
  • LCMC seeks research that informs and guides practice.
  • LCMC research informs Laurier education course materials in the development of future community music leaders.

The mission of LCMC is to provide a scholarly research environment that considers and explores the musical lives of people in the community, and the resulting applications of musical practice on people and institutions. The fundamental belief that music has many meanings and takes many forms is central to the philosophy of LCMC.

Further to its philosophical foundation, the Centre recognizes that music is an integral part of peoplesí lives. The experience of music diverts and entertains us, thrills and exalts us, provokes us to understand ourselves, feel compassion for others, and deepen our own sense of place in our community. It can also persuade us to alter our views and even challenge us to change our course of action. Music co-habits the lives of virtually every child, adolescent and adult in our community and serves as a form of imaginative expression of our shared lives and aspirations. For some, it is a very casual, recreational experience, and for others, a formal pursuit that includes study, practice, and the building of personal skills in one or more facets of the discipline.

Music can be considered to be the heartbeat of our people. (Wyman, 2004, pg.5)

The Laurier Centre for Music in the Community (LCMC) was approved by Wilfrid Laurier University in May 2007 to be one of the institutionís research centres.

The public launch was held on March 28, 2008