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July 26, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Donor Supported Graduate Scholarships

DEFINITION: a scholarship is granted on a competitive basis for outstanding academic achievement; scholarships may be granted automatically, based on recorded marks, or by application, in which other factors, such as extra-curricular activities or volunteer work, will be considered. Financial need is never a consideration. Anendowed (see note below)scholarship is granted from investment income generated by the original gift to the university. An annual scholarship is paid directly by the donor to the university on an annual basis. The university may allot scholarships by faculty. The university reserves the right not to grant a specific scholarship if no eligible applicants are identified. Any stated value of scholarships is subject to change. Scholarships offered by the university are tenable only at Laurier.

The General Student profile for all studentswill beavailable on LORIS as of early August, and the submission deadlinewill be late September 2016. Specific details will be posted early summer 2016.

For all students who complete the General Student profile by this deadline, if applicable, these students would then be given the opportunity to submit a "faculty-specific" profile starting in early October. The deadline for submission of the Faculty Specific profileswill be late October 2016 (specifically for students in a program within the Faculty of Social Work and theMBA programs).

It is important to check the "mylaurier" email account on a regular basis, as all communication(s) regarding our programs is sent to this account.

For complete details on this process, click here.

To go directly to LORIS, click here.

Scholarshiprecipients will be notified by e-mail, to the WLU e-mail account byearlyMarchof each year.

For information regarding all funding programs for graduate students, please refer directly to the Graduate Studies website.

Important Note on Endowments: Opportunities listed on the Student Awards Web Site that are identified as being "endowed" (see under the Description of each opportunity) are financed by investment income generated by gifts to the university. The university will grant up to a maximum of 4 percent of the value of these endowments, depending upon the amount of interest income generated on an annual basis. Consequently, these opportunities may or may not be available during any particular academic year due to the nature of financial markets.Any values quoted for these opportunities on this web site represent the maximum amounts that may be available, not the actual amounts that will ultimately be granted.