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May 3, 2016

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Fall One Term Bursary Application

All eligible students who would like to be considered for bursary assistance through the Wilfrid Laurier University general bursary program are required to complete an OSAP application. For complete details on this requirement, click here.


  • For students in a minimum 60% course load, or 1.5 credits in the Fall 2015 term, the OSAP application must be completed online, and all required supporting documentation (this list will be posted on the OSAP website once your application is submitted electronically) must submitted to the Student Awards Office by the bursary deadline.

  • For full time students (as defined by OSAP), without the completed OSAP application (therefore allrequired supporting documentation), a bursary application will be marked as "incomplete". The only exception to this requirement is for students who are not eligible for OSAP assistance (for example; out of province students, students on an official OSAP restriction re; academics, prior overpayments etc).

  • For part time students, registered in less than 1.5 credits in the fall term, no OSAP application is required

  • Please note that it is your responsibility to check the OSAP deadlines for applications.

  • the online bursary application (including all financial information)must be submitted electronically by the stated deadline, no late submissions will be accepted.

Undergraduate Student Bursary Application

One Term - Fall 2015

*The online application mustbesubmitted electronically by the stated deadline. No latesubmissions will be accepted.

*Applicationsare notassessed until after the deadline date

* Allocations made under this program will be applied directly to your account with the Business Office in late October 2015.Note that your bursary may not be applied to your account before tuition for the fall term is due; you are responsible for payment of any late fees

Applicationswill beavailable online, in the early September 2015.
Deadline: October 2015
This applicationis available to all students registered for the fall term only. Students registered for the fall and winter terms must apply on the two term bursary application which will be available in November 2015.