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July 3, 2015

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5.3 Cheque Requisition

Approved By:
Original Approval Date:
August 14, 1992
Date of Most Recent Review/Revision:
August 11, 1999
Office of Accountability:
Vice-President: Finance & Administration
Administrative Responsibility:
Office of Financial Services

Faculty or staff may occasionally require a cheque from the University to cover specific transactions completed in the process of conducting University business. The specific transactions may include:

a. petty cash reimbursements;
b. payment of subscriptions and memberships;
c. reimbursement for incidental purchases*);
d. payment for real estate acquisitions and associated incidental costs;
e. deposits and advance payments supported by duly approved purchase orders;
f. transfers of funds and payment of expenses to individuals, companies and institutions as required and approved by the Comptroller's office;
g. payments for other expenditures of an emergency nature where the specific expenditure has been authorized by the office of the President;
h. rent and lease payments.

For the above listed transactions, the Cheque Requisition form (CR1) must be approved by the individual with has budgetary responsibility for the account against which the expenditure is to be charged. If the individual with budgetary responsibility is reimbursing oneself for expenses incurred, his/her supervisor must approve the requisition.

Appropriate documentation with regard to the expenditure (i.e. original invoice, cash register receipt, etc.) must be attached to the Cheque Requisition form (CR1) in order to assure timely processing of the requisition.

* Details of the purchasing procedure are provided in the "Purchasing Services Policy and Procedures Manual" published, and revised regularly, by the Purchasing Services Department of WLU.