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July 8, 2015

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5.1 Entertainment Expenses

Approved By:
Original Approval Date:
August 14, 1992
Date of Most Recent Review/Revision:
December 4, 2007 (editorial)
Office of Accountability:
Vice-President: Finance & Administration
Administrative Responsibility:
Office of Financial Services

Faculty or staff who incur entertainment expenses on behalf of the University may request reimbursement for those expenditures. All claims for reimbursement of entertainment expenses which occurred on University business must be submitted as on the Meeting Expense form.

Original receipts for all expenditures must be attached to the form, and the form must be signed by the individual claiming the reimbursement. The form must be approved by the claimant's supervisor, prior to submission for reimbursement.

The guidelines to be used in completing the Meeting Expence form are stated in the Expense Reimbursement Handbook.