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February 14, 2016

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Please look below for assistance with the Laurier Online Registration Information System (LORIS)

Please click here for detailed instructions for how to register online using LORIS. A video demo showing LORIS registration can be found here.

A ScheduleMe demo is located here.

A LORIS glossary (including common error messages) can be found here.

The first year registration guide can be found here.

All returning students should click here for important Registration Information.

Additional LORIS FAQ's can be found below:

Campus Restriction

Brantford students can take courses at the Waterloo campus (and vice versa) with permission of the department offering the course. If you receive a campus restriction, you have not contacted the department to request permission.

The Campus override request form can be found on the Academic Information/Advising Website here.

Registering for Online Learning Courses

You search for a Online Learning course the same way as for a classroom course on LORIS. When all of the sections available appear, check off the OC section and submit your selection. You will also have to complete a Online Learning Term form. This form is available here.

A course is listed as closed but it appears that there is space

Ifa course (PP/RE 209 for example)has a capacity of60 students, 44 students may have registered for the course as PP209, while the remaining 16 registered for it as RE209. Combined, this totals 60 students, meaning that the course is closed.

For the search result, Loris will break down the registration into some different categories that students will be able to see. The most important one is "XL". The screen will show that XLCap=60, XLAct=60 and XLRem=0. This is telling a student that the course has 60 spots, 60 students registered, and therefore 0 seats remaining.

Cap= The course CAP

Act= Actual (the number of students registered)

Rem = Remaining (seats remaining)

XL= Crosslisted