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February 14, 2016

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Space Booking Request Forms

*Please be advised: Due to high volume, booking requests must be received by Service Laurier Brantford(at a minimum)twobusiness days prior to the event. Should your request be submitted less than two business days preceding the event date, Service Laurier cannot guarantee reservation of a space. Pleaserefrain from submitting your booking until the details of your meeting/event have been finalized. Thank you for your understanding.

A complete list of available spaces on campus, including information regarding room capacity, A/V equipment and other details is availableonline here. SLB invites individuals booking space on campus to consult the list of available spaces, and request specific spaces if a room/building is preferred. However, SLB cannot guarantee the availability of the room requested and may suggest an alternate room with similar features. If you have flexibility in the date/time of the booking, SLB can provide alternative times when the room may be available.

Responsibilities of the booker:
- For any bookings that take place in close proximity to classrooms/lecture theaters (including all foyers/lobbies) noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times
- Notify SLB if the description of the meeting/event changes
- Ensure that the room is left tidy, and that all tables/chairs have been returned to their original setup
- Table, chair, media requirements etc., cannot be updated without at least 24 hours notice

Before completing a space booking form, please take the time to consider whether the space you require is for a meeting or a function/event.


A meetingis a gathering of two or more peoplefor the purpose ofsharing information,making decisionsor reaching an agreement. Examples of meetings include: staff meetings, club and committee meetings, workshops, trainingandsmall presentations.

If the space you require if for a meeting, complete the form found online here.

Functions & Events:

A function or event is any planned celebratory or ceremonious social gathering or activity. Examples of functions and events include: book launches, lectures, receptions, building openings, dinners, award presentations and reunions.

If the space you require is for a function or event, complete the form found online here.

Please indicate if you need technology (screen/projector etc.), even if it is normally already in the location you are requesting when filling out the form.

EXTERNAL USERS: please email for any type of Laurier Brantford room booking.