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Being a Golden Hawk means more than just cheering on our (really good) varsity teams ? it means being a student who cares about your community, who works hard in the classroom, and who takes advantage of all the learning opportunities that can happen outside the classroom, too.

Welcome from the Team in Enrolment Services

This guide has been created with you in mind, to assist you in your next steps as a Laurier student. On this page, you'll find advice on creating your timetable, registering for courses, paying your fees, and more.

In addition to following this guide, we also encourage you to meet with your department academic advisor. Contact information for your advisor can be found below in the program requirements documents. They're a great resource and are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding your studies.

Enrolment Services is your administrative support team for your studies ? from your first course selection right through to graduation. Our staff is dedicated to assisting you with questions you may have concerning Laurier?s Online Registration Information System (LORIS), billing inquiries, graduation qualifications, letters of permission to attend other universities, cross-registration with the University of Waterloo, obtaining academic transcripts and registration letters, university timetabling and room bookings, final examination scheduling, and the release of student loans, scholarships and bursaries.

We are here to serve you and the university community with any issues pertaining to academic records through our one-stop centre: Service Laurier. You may find us by visiting in person at the Waterloo campus at 202 Regina Street (9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday), and at the Brantford campus at Grand River Hall, 171 Colborne Street (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday). 

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Important Dates

November 9: Last day to register for at least one course to avoid a late registration fee. 

December 15: Winter term fees are due.

December 25 to January 3: University is closed.

January 4: Classes start.

Before Registering

Before you register for classes, you need to activate your email account. You should also check to see if you need to take any preparatory tests for courses you want (or need) to take.

If you're a transfer student, learn about how transfer credits and exclusions work at Laurier, and how to understand them in LORIS.

Investigate Your Program Requirements 

Download your first-year requirements to learn which courses you need to take to earn your degree. Check your offer of admission to see which faculty you belong to.

Note: Information may change with final approval for courses being passed through Senate at the end of May.

Waterloo Campus Faculties

Brantford Campus Faculties

Get a Head Start

The registration process isn't all about your courses. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with all the services available to you at Laurier. You can also sign up for a Headstart session for additional help registering and learning about Laurier's services.

Note: While Headstart offers sessions to assist you in your course selection and registration, you should not wait until you attend Headstart to begin signing up for your courses. Course selection for first-year students begins on May 4 and courses quickly fill up.

Some important student services include:

Need Assistance?

Need Assistance?

Service Laurier is here to help!

Registering for Courses

The Laurier Online Registration and Information System is a bit of a mouthful, so around here we call it LORIS. You?ll hear this term often, because you?ll use LORIS to register for your courses, make changes to your course selection, print your schedule, view your grades, confirm your program, change your address, add your Social Insurance Number for income tax forms, see your fees, and much, much more.

If you come across any terms you don't understand, check our LORIS glossary for an explanation.

Need Assistance?

Need Assistance?

Service Laurier is here to help!

Tips for Registering and Using LORIS

  • Don?t wait! Register early so you don?t miss out on any courses, or have to pay late registration fees.
  • Register for both fall- and winter-term courses now. The fall term is identified by a (1); winter term is identified by a (2).
  • Register for courses before you attend Headstart. You can still add and change courses until September without penalty. Bring your completed timetable with you if you have questions.
  • A typical full course load is 2.5 credits per term (or 5 courses). Full-year courses (1.0 credit) show on LORIS as a 0.0 in the fall and 1.0 in winter, but should be thought of as 0.5 in fall and 0.5 in winter.
  • Schedule your required courses first, based on your program or major, before choosing your elective courses.
  • Schedule multi-sectioned courses (i.e. courses with labs, tutorials, screenings, etc.) before standalone courses to avoid conflicts. All course components must fit ?conflict-free? in your timetable.
  • Meet times let you know what day(s) of the week a course, lab, tutorial etc. occurs. Monday is ?M,? Tuesday is ?T,? Wednesday is ?W,? Thursday is ?R,? and Friday is ?F.? For example, ?TR? indicates a lecture is held both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Build your schedule with the class time blocked off on both days, not just one.
  • It?s OK to schedule 2 classes back-to-back ? 10 minutes between classes is enough time to get across our campuses.
  • Prior to adding any of the following calculus courses, you?re required to take the online Calculus Preparation Evaluation: MA100, MA103, MA110* or MA129.
  • Review the LORIS glossary.

Building your course schedule

Now that you've identified the program requirements for your first year, follow these steps to design your schedule:

  • Have your program requirement ready (refer to the information listed above under ?Investigate your Program Requirements?).
  • Review your course descriptions. Use the course catalogue to review your required courses and to find electives to round out your schedule. Be sure to do this for both the fall and winter semesters using the ?Search by Term? function in the course catalogue. Take note of prerequisites, exclusions and special registration notes.
  • Build your schedule. Use the online visual schedule builder (download instructions (PDF) or watch the training video), or use the dynamic schedule along with a blank timetable worksheet to mark out courses, days and times while you work in LORIS.

Using LORIS to Register for Courses

Watch this step-by step training video for guidance through the process or follow the instruction below.

Once you?ve logged in to LORIS, you can use the following process to register for classes:

  • Click on ?Student Services.?
  • Click on ?Registration.?
  • Click on ?Select Term? and select the term you want to register for.
  • Click on ?Add/Drop Classes.?
  • Click on ?Class Search? at the bottom of the ?Add/Drop Classes? screen.
  • On the ?Class Search? screen, scroll and select the subject, enter the course number (number only, no letters) and campus to be searched. If you want to see all the courses offered for a subject, you can leave the course number blank. 
  • When searching for a seminar course, under ?Class Search,? select arts seminar in the dropdown menu. This will display all seminar courses available.
  • On the page that displays the search results, you?ll see the class sections matching the search criteria, including information on the time and location of the section, and the number of spaces remaining in the section. Lectures are shown with letters, while labs/tutorials are numbers or a combination of both.
  • Click on the box in the left margin next to the course section(s) that you wish to select and click register.

Note: If a class has a required lab and/or tutorial, you must select it at the same time you choose the course (for example, some courses have a lecture, a lab and a tutorial, so you?ll need to select 3 items).

Note: Each course section has a unique course record number (CRN) tied to it. To make registration quicker, you can find the CRN when searching for courses in the dynamic class schedule, or through the visual schedule builder. Once you know them, you can simply insert the CRN into the fields in the ?Add/Drop Classes? screen. If a course requires a lab and/or tutorial, you must include separate CRNs for each component to successfully register.

Note: If you are receiving errors stating ?Restricted to students who have declared this Field of Study program of study,? but require the course, you may be selecting the wrong section. Check the course catalogue to see section restrictions.

Switching tutorials on LORIS without dropping the lecture

Students wishing to switch a tutorial can do so on LORIS without automatically dropping the lecture. For example: A student currently registered in SP101 Section A, Tutorial 1 wants to switch into Tutorial 2.

You can follow these steps to switch tutorials without dropping the lecture, provided there is room in the tutorial and there are no time conflicts.

  1. Log into LORIS.
  2. Click on "Student Services."
  3. Click on "Registration."
  4. Click on "Select Term" then select the appropriate term.
  5. Click on "Add or Drop Classes."
  6. You will see a list of the courses you are enrolled in and/or have dropped. Find the lecture (using the above example, the lecture would be SP101 A). Click on the down arrow beside the lecture and choose "Re-Enrol." Do not submit yet.
  7. From this same menu, find the tutorial (using the above example, the tutorial would be SP101 T1), and click on the down arrow beside the tutorial and select "Drop Course." Do not submit yet.
  8. Select the new tutorial you wish to enrol in by doing a class search or by entering in the CRN number into the blank boxes at bottom of screen (using the above example, the new tutorial would be SP101 T2).
  9. Click on "submit changes."

Academic Dates for Winter Term

  • Jan. 4, 2016: Winter term classes begin.
  • January 17: Last day to add courses.
  • February 15 ? 19: Winter Reading Week.
  • March 1 ? April 28: Declare your honours specialization or program change on LORIS.
  • April 4: Last day of winter term classes.
  • April 5 ? 6: Study days.
  • April 7 ? 23: Final exam period.

Finishing the Registration Process

Paying Your Tuition

We're here to help you with information regarding RESPs, OSAP and other concerns related to paying your tuition and fees.

Student Health and Dental Plans

When you come to Laurier, you're automatically signed up for health and dental insurance. You can learn all about your health and dental plan on the Wilfrid Laurier Unviersity Students' Union website

Already have insurance? Learn how to opt-out. You can opt-out starting Aug. 4, 2015 until the deadline Sept. 25, 2015.

Still Have Questions?

Need Assistance?

Need Assistance?

Service Laurier is here to help!


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