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February 6, 2016
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Research: Publications & Presentations






Schwieter, J. W. (Founding General Editor). Bilingual Processing and Acquisition. Amsterdam, The Netherlands/Philadelphia, PA: Benjamins.

Volumes in print or under contract:

2016, Volume 1. Yang, C. The acquisition of L2 Mandarin prosody: From experimental studies to pedagogical practice.


Under contract. Angelovska, T., & Hahn, A. (Eds.). L3 syntactic transfer: Models, new developments, and implications.


Under contract. Dyson, B., & Håkansson, G. Clarifying second language processing: A focus on Processibility Theory.


Under contract. Gor, K. Phonology and morphology in nonnative lexical processing.


Under contract. Grañena Gimeno, G., Jackson, D., & Yilmaz, Y. (Eds.). Cognitive individual differences in second language processing and acquisition.


Under contract. Libben, M, Goral, M., & Libben, G. (Eds.). Bilingualism: A framework for understanding the mental lexicon.


Under contract. Rastelli, S. Neurolinguistics and second language pedagogy: Research protocols, findings, and interpretations.


Under contract. Schwieter, J. W. (Ed.). Cognitive control and consequences of multilingualism.


Under contract. Truscott, J., & Sharwood Smith, M. The internal context of bilingual processing.





In preparation 



Schwieter, J. W., & Bruhn de Garavito, J. Introducing linguistics: Theoretical and applied approaches. Toronto, Canada: Oxford University Press.






Schwieter, J. W., & Ferreira, A. (Eds.). The handbook of translation and cognition. Malden, MA/Oxford, England: Wiley-Blackwell.