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October 13, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Program-Specific Admission Averages for Fall 2014 Entry

101 Applicants currently in the Ontario Secondary School System

Please Note: This chartoutlines program-specific admission averages, whichare calculated on the basis of the best six (6) grade 12 U and/or M courses, except for all BBA, Double Degrees & BA/BEd programswhere pre-requisite courses mustbe included in thebest 6 12 U and/or M courses.In addition, all program-specific pre-requisite courserequirements must be met.

All eligible applicants will receive an offer package in the mail, as well, the admissions decision will appear on the OUAC website. Applicants who do not qualify for their first program choice at Laurier, will automatically be assessed for an alternate program. Alladmission decisions for the Ontario Secondary School Applicants will be made no later than May 29, 2015.

HonoursBachelor of Arts 75%
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies 75%
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Christian Studies & Global Citizenship 72%
BBA & BMath (double degree - Laurier & University of Waterloo) 90%
BBA & BCS (double degree - Laurier & University of Waterloo) 89%
Honours Business Administration (BBA) 87.5%
Honours BBA & Financial Mathematics 90%
Honours BBA & Computer Science; Honours BBA & Comp Elect (BBA&BSc) 88%
Honours BSc Biology 76%
Honours BA Biology 76%
Honours BSc Biochemistry 74%
Honours BA Financial Mathematics 74%
Honours BSc Financial Mathematics 74%
Honours BSc Physics, Photonics 74%
Honours BSc Geography 75%
Honours BSc Health Sciences 82%
Honours Economics 84%
Honours Applied Economics 84%
HonoursBA Kinesiology 85%
Honours BSc Kinesiology 85%
Honours BA Psychology 74%
Honours BSc Psychology 75%
Computing Programs 74%
All other science programs 74%
Honours Music 75% + Successful Audition

BA/BEd Primary/Junior -Laurier & Nipissing 75%
BA/BEd Junior/Intermediate -Laurier & Nipissing 75%
Honours BA Contemporary Studies (now Society, Culture & Environment) 72%
Honours BA Leadership 72%
Honours BA Criminology 72%
HonoursBA Journalism (now Digital Media & Journalism) 72%
Honours BA Health Studies 72%
Honours BASc Health Studies 72%
Honours BA Psychology 74%
Honours BA Health Administration 72%
Honours BALaw & Society 72%
Honours BAEnglish 75%
Honours BAHistory combination 75%
Honours BAHuman Rights & Human Diversity 72%
Honours BA Business Technology Management 75%
Honours BA Youth and Children's Studies 72%
NEW Honours BA Social Work 75%