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February 28, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Future Students

The world's changing. Always has been, likely always will be. Today some of the most important processes that will shape Canada and the world in your lifetime are the international human rights movement and the cultural diversification of societies.

Our world is full of paradoxes. Most countries accept international human rights obligations, yet human rights violations and abuses occur everywhere. Globalization is making the world smaller, but individual countries are becoming more diverse--culturally, linguistically, racially, religiously, sexually--than ever before.

Like all changes, these processes present challenges and opportunities.

Key challenges include:

  • advancing human rights internationally without starting a clash of civilizations at home and abroad;
  • respecting the human rights of individuals while preserving collective security;
  • building countries that are culturally diverse, yet socially unified.

Key opportunities include:

  • building peaceful and tolerant societies by ensuring respect for everyone's dignity;
  • embracing the skills, training, and contacts of our diverse citizenry to enhance prosperity;
  • enjoying successful and satisfying personal careers by learning how and whey these changes are occurring and recognizing the opportunities they present.
The Human Rights and Human Diversity Program at Laurier Brantford offers you an exciting combination of relevance, structure, and flexibility. You might also be interested in seeing What Some of Our Graduates Are Doing.
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