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February 6, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Study Exchange/Abroad

A term or two abroad can provide an excellent opportunity to gain a broader perspective on human rights and human diversity and to develop international experience that may help you advance your career goals.

International STUDY EXCHANGE Opportunities

Study Exchange involves taking courses at a university with which Laurier already has an existing student exchange agreement. Through Laurier International Wilfrid Laurier University has agreements with universities around the world which permit you to study at those universities while paying your regular Laurier tuition and earning credit toward your Laurier degree. For more general information, consult the Study Exchange Program.

International Exchanges of particular interest to HRHD students include:

  • University of Canberra (Australia)
    • Canberra offers a program in International Studies that emphasizes intercultural understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity
    • Canberra also offers a minor program in Human Rights and Social Justice
    • This exchange provides the opportunity to compare the Canadian experience of multiculturalism and diversity with that of another multicultural Commonwealth country. It will also give you an opportunity to network with students who are tied into South-East Asian concerns.
  • University of Roehampton (London, England)
    • Roehampton offers a number of human rights courses (called modules) in human rights through their Sociology program. These include: Sociology and Anthropology of Human Rights, International Human Rights and Criminal Law, Children's Rights, Global Justice, Security and Society, Children's Rights in Education.
  • Linnaeus University (Sweden)
    • Linnaeus offers a wide variety of courses in English including, under Law and Legal Studies, courses on human rights.
    • At the time this was posted, Laurier International lists this exchange partner as Vaxjo University. Vaxjo is the city in which Linnaeus is located.
  • Akita International University (Japan)
    • Offers an "International Liberal Arts education in English."
    • Does not have a Human Rights program, but does off a wide variety of relevant courses that could be counted as electives toward a degree in HRHD.