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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
September 4, 2015

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How do I apply to Laurier Brantford?

Admissions information is available at:

I am a new student. How do I choose my courses?

You will be sent a Registration Guide in the mail to assist you with your course selection. If you do not receive a guide, please contact us at

What are tutorials?

Tutorials are one hour timeslots in which a small group of students in your class meet with the instructor once a week. If the course you have registered for indicates that there is a tutorial, you must be able to attend at least one of the tutorials for that course. Tutorial times are listed at You will register for a tutorial section on LORIS at the same time that you register for your lecture section. If you are unable to attend any of the tutorial times, do not register for that section of the class.

Where can I find the requirements for majors/minors/options offered at Laurier Brantford?

All requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. They are accessible online here.

Is there a limit of junior (100-level) courses I can take?

Yes! Students can only count 7.0 junior credits towards their degree including transfer credits. Exceptions to this rule include Honours Psychology, English and History. These programs only allow for 6.0 junior credits.

What are the progression requirements to stay in my program?

Progression requirements are listed in the calendar here.

I am a transfer student. How do my transfer credits work?

Transfer credits are detailed on your Offer of Admission or in a separate letter from the Admissions office. Students who are transferring from a college should expect miscellaneous electives for college programs of two or three years duration.

Students from other universities can usually expect course-for-course credit where a Laurier course is deemed to be the equivalent of a course they've already completed with a grade in the course of 60% or higher. Where there is no equivalency, an elective is normally granted.

Please visit the Admissions Web site for further details or a more detailed explanation here

I would like to take a course at another university and have it apply towards my Laurier degree. Can I do this?

This type of arrangement must be made through a letter of permission prior to registering in the course. Please visit for further details.

Ifailed a course last term. Can I retake it?

Students may retake up to 2.0 credits and have the new gradereplace the old grade in the GPA calculation. The failure will remain on your transcript.No course may be attempted more than twice.

How can I change my program?

Students may apply to change their program using LORIS program confirmation during the Winter term. If progression requirements for the new program are met when grades are final, new programs will be indicated on LORIS before registration begins for the next academic year.

If it is outside of program confirmation time, you may change your program by completing a program selection form.