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May 30, 2015

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Management Option

The Management Option is a package of 10 courses: 6 required and 4 electives from business administration and economics. Students interested in this option must be in an Honours program. Students taking the option may be required to take more than the normal 20 credits to complete their program + the management option.

    A minimum GPA of 6.0 (C+) in BU111 and BU121 is required to apply for the option. A student must also successfully complete a recognized statistics course from their program of study - MA240 for our students - prior to admission. Entry to the program is competitive and students would typically apply at the end of their second year. Students must apply by April 29 of the year they intend to enter the program using the LORIS online program confirmation.

      Details for the program may be found in the online Undergraduate Calendar at Management Option.