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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
April 17, 2014
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General Computer Science (BSc)

Effective September 2007, this program will not be offered to any new students entering the university. For new students entering the university in September 2007, general degrees will not have majors or minors.

In addition to completing all the common requirements for the General BSc program, the student must also complete the applicable departmental requirements. Total credits required is 15. The major must include: CP104, CP114, CP120, CP213, CP264, CP317, CP363, plus 2 senior credits in Computer Science. The major must also include MA110* (or MA103), MA121, MA238, MA240.

This schedule serves as a guide to the order that the courses may be taken. Students may follow a different schedule of their choice.

Fall Term Winter Term
Year 1 CP104 Introduction to Programming
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
(or MA103 Calculus I)
CP114 Data Structures I
CP120 Digital Electronics
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
(one-half elective credit if MA103 taken in Fall)
MA121 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
One of: BI100*, CH110 & CH111, GL100*, PC131 & PC132 or PC141 & PC142
one elective credit (one and one-half elective credits if MA103 is taken in the fall)
Year 2 CP213 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
one and one-half elective credit
CP264 Data Structures II
MA238 Discrete Mathematics
MA240 Introduction to Probability & Statistics
one-half elective credit
One of: BI100*, CH110 & CH111, GL100*, PC131 & PC132 or PC141 & PC142
Year 3 CP317 Software Engineering
two elective credits
CP363 Database I
two elective credits


  1. Electives must include:

    • one credit - Division A
    • one credit - Division B
    • one additional senior non-major science (i.e. not a CP course) or senior Mathematics credit
    • two senior elective credits in Computer Science

  2. The program may have a maximum of
    • 8 100-level credits
    • 6 senior credits in Computer Science

  3. Students with a second major or a minor in Mathematics may count MA238 and MA240 towards that major or minor.

  4. In order to proceed in a General BSc program a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 4.00 (C-). A student whose cumulative GPA is less than 4.00 (C-) but not less than 2.00 (D) will be allowed to proceed on academic probation.

  5. To graduate the student must complete all requirements listed in the program description, with a cumulative GPA of at least 5.00 (C) computed on all courses of the major subject and a cumulative GPA of at least 4.00 (C-) overall.


All courses listed are one-half credit, except for:
* 1 credit course