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April 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Ambassador Profile - Meg

My Laurier Brantford Experience

Hi! My name is Meg as I am sure you could have guessed after stumbling onto my profile. I am currently going into my second year of Business Technology Management (BTM) at Wilfrid Laurier University here at the lovely Brantford campus.

Throughout my first year I had made connections with some amazing people and have experienced so many different and incredible things. All of which have helped to make me

who I am today. 

Looking back now I was terrified at the idea of moving away from home and essentially starting out new segment of my life. However my leap into a new world was the best thing I had ever done! After taking a year off to work, I was a year older than everyone else and was a little uneasy with that thought and a little nervous in regards to what i should expect. Although feeling uneasy about this drastic change and curious as to how this was all going to pan out, all my negative emotions and feelings towards school were gone. All throughout orientation week (which I highly advise everyone do because it is an absolute blast) I realize how much potential I had to make a difference. Orientation week also introduced me to some amazing people that I now consider to be family and to some awesome opportunities around campus. Because I lived in residence, I became part of the residence athletic council or more commonly known as RAC CITY by my other rac members. Now I know what you must be thinking, 'oh she must be some crazy athlete'. Not the case at all! I do have an extreme interest in yoga both moksha and regular practice and follow a regular fitness routine, but throw a ball at me and that's a totally different story. But that's the beauty with Laurier Brantford, I was put into leadership roles and situations that pushed me to expand and grow to try new things. I am still no athlete but it made me appreciate sports and the benefits of staying healthy! Also attending events run by any club or association is always awesome and as a student free food at events is a huge bonus.

Along side RAC, I was also involved with the BTM Association as the teams secretary, part of Accessible Learnings' note taking team, and a member of the Laurier Brantford Deca U team. Also as an avid event going for all campus activities that Hawk Team, Night Hawks, Foot Patrol, the Students Association and all other clubs and associations around campus. After being honoured with a position on the ambassador team for incoming students like yourself, I have recently decided to minor in public relations so I can do this the rest of my life. I hope to continue sharing all of my experiences with all of your wonderful selves and I hope that you can have as amazing time with your education in life and in regards to your career as I am. To sign off I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes: 

"The unexamined life is not worth living"
- Socrates, Apology 38a  

And with that go out have fun and experience life, and hopefully if I'm lucky enough I can be apart of that!