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October 6, 2015

Canadian Excellence

How It Works

With our direct service placements, students are expected to give approximately two hours per week for approximately 10 weeksthroughout the semester in direct service to a community organization. If an organization has higher needs for their volunteers, these are clearly stated on the placement sign-up information.

For project based placements, an organizationworks with a group of students supervised by a faculty member to engage in a project with a specified outcome. Community partners may asked to visit the class to present their project at the beginning of the semester and to listen to the project presentation at the end of semester.

Organizations that are interested in having student volunteers can contact the staff at the Centre for Community Service-Learning. In conjunction with them you can set up a description of your organization on our web site, and make specific postings for your volunteer positions.

For the placement sign-up position postings are matched to courses so that students will experience individuals or organizational experiences that overlap with their course content. On the second day of class, the placements are introduced to the students. Each organization has their general description and specific placement options listed on our web page. The students have several days to review them, and the sign-up opens on the first day of the second week of classes. Students will sign-up, receive the contact information for their organization, and then call the contact person. They will set up to interview or start.

Each organization listed on the web site can access and change their organization's information and placement postings. They can also access a listing and contact information of the students who have signed-up for their organization. If they desire, they can be emailed the contact information as each student signs-up.

Community Partners are asked to fill-in a Placement Agreement Form with each student at the beginning of the placement period. They are also asked to initial, weekly, a Placement Attendance Form, and to sign that form at the end of the placement period. You are also asked to fill-in a WSIB form at the beginning of the placement period with each student.

CSL Coordinators will be in touch with the contact people at each organization and the students. Their role is to assure that the placements work smoothly.