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June 29, 2015

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Police Record Checks

My placement requires a Police Record Check (PRC). Why?

Many organizations accepting students are servicing vulnerable populations. The PRC, with the Vulnerable Sector Screening, ensures the safety of the clients they serve, and also offers you protection. As well, you will have many more placement options to choose from if you complete your PRC. Only a small handful of organizations do not require their volunteers to have a PRC.

How do I obtain a PRC?

To obtain a PRC in Waterloo, you can go to the Police Station at45 Columbia the corner of Columbia and Weber in Waterloo. Take two pieces of identification, one of which needs to be photo ID (e.g. driver's licence). If one of those pieces of identification doesn't have your local address, then you should also bring a piece of mail with your name and local address on it. Your student ID is great for this purpose. Then pick up the document from the detachment when it is ready. You may also obtain a PRC from your home community.

How much do PRCs cost?

In Waterloo, PRCs cost $25. You must pay with cash and they don't provide change. The cost varies in other communities from $10 - $50. It's a good idea to get a receipt.

Discounts are no longer offered in Waterloo to college or university students who are completing a placement as part of a course requirement, unless the organization you will be assisting can offer this discount.

When should I get a PRC?

As soon as possible! PRCs typically take 4-6 weeks to complete in Waterloo. Some communities take longer to process requests, others are faster than the Waterloo Region.

If your placement requires a PRC before starting, do not sign-up for it if you do not have the PRC in-hand. Some, but not all, community partners will allow you to start a placement if you can prove you have started the process of applying for a PRC (i.e. providing a receipt).

I have an old PRC, can I still use it?

It depends on the community partner. The majority of partners require a PRC that is less than 6 months old, with some even requiring a PRC no less than 30 days old.