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October 4, 2015

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Living in Residence

Residence Life

Going away to university can spark an avalanche of change in a student's life.† It may be the first time you have lived away from home, cooked your own meals or done your own laundry.† Most of our first-year students choose to ease into this new-found independence by living in one of our nineteen residencebuildings.†


Residence Style

Students live in one of two styles of residence; dormitory or apartment style. There are pros and cons to each style, but regardless of where you live, there will be a community of students experiencing first year at university just like you.

Dormitory style: Students are either in a single or double room, with a shared bathroom. In dormitory style, a meal plan is mandatory. †This style offers a great opportunity to get to know your entire community! Examples of dormitory buildings: Waterloo College Hall, Clara Conrad, Little House, MacDonald House, Euler/Leopold, King St. to name a few.

Apartment Style: Students can be in a single or double room in a self contained suite with a kitchen, living area and bathrooms. Meal plans are optional in this type of residence, as students have the ability to cook meals in the suites. This style offers a great blend between privacy and socializing with your neighbours. Examples of apartment style residences: University Place, Bricker Residence, Laurier Place to name a few.

What's Included in Your Residence Room:

Dorm-Style Room:

  • Bed frame and mattress
  • Desk and chair
  • Wastebasket and recycling bins
  • Bookshelves
  • Closet and shelves
  • Internet access

Apartment-Style Room

  • Bed frame and mattress
  • Desk and chair
  • Wastebasket and recycling bins
  • Bookshelves
  • Closet and shelves
  • Dining room table and chairsLiving room sofa, chairs, coffee table, end tables and lamps
  • Fridge and stove
  • Internet access

Meal Plans and Dining Options

Meal plans are required for all residence students at the Waterloo campus. Students living off-campus in Waterloo may also purchase a meal plan. These plans allow students to purchase food from a number of on- and off-campus locations including The Fresh Food Company (Dining Hall), Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, and Wilf's (our pub on campus). A wide range of menu choices including vegetarian, vegan and Asian cuisine are offered and we are able to accommodate special diets such as halal. In Brandford, all of our residences are apartment-style, so you'll have your own kitchen and will be within walking distance of a grocery store and a farmer's market.

Here's a few local dining favourites:


  • Best Chinese: King Tin Restaurant
  • Best Korean: Da Won
  • Best Halal food: Ammar Halal Meats
  • Best African & Caribbean grocery store: A to Z


  • Best buffet: Kings Buffet
  • Best supermarket: FreshCo
  • Best coffee: Williams Fresh Cafe
  • Best place to relax: Grand River†

The Don†

A Residence Life Don is an upper year student who lives on each floor. Their responsibility is to help facilitiate a smooth transition from high school to university for each student. The Don helps to promote personal growth and friendships by facilitating programing for their communities, creating mentoring relationships with their students, and promoting responsible behaviour. The Don acts as a social and academic role model for students and helps promote a community environment.

Living Learning Communities†

Our LLCs are designed to extend opportunities for learning and growth beyond the classroom to a select group of students who share common residential and personal interests.

Laurierís LLCs are situated on campus in our residence buildings. Living in an LLC is very similar to living in a traditional style residence community. The main difference is that the LLC Residence Life Dons tailor their programming initiatives to the theme of their community. As well, the students living in an LLC are given the opportunity to facilitate a more community-based approach to programming initiatives and activities with their fellow students.

The Geography and Environmental Studies Learning Community - The Geography and Environmental Studies Learning Community (GES) was created for students majoring in Geography, Environmental Studies or Geology. The GES community provides students with an interest in our natural world with a chance to live and interact with like-minded peers daily. The community provides opportunities for students to engage in integrated social experiences to build friendships, facilitate academic success, and exposure to contemporary issues and opportunities in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Leadership and Service Community - The Leadership & Service Learning Community is a close-knit residence environment designed for motivated, energetic students with a passion for personal development and community involvement. Living in this community provides students with a special opportunity to guide and shape their own first-year residence experience and develop their leadership skills while becoming involved in the Laurier and Kitchener-Waterloo communities. Students will develop a strong network of passionate leaders on campus and in the Waterloo Region through community-based service learning projects and weekly workshops focusing on leadership development in residence.

Scholarís Hall Learning Community - is devoted to enhancing the living and learning environment of incoming first year students committed to academic success. New to Residence Life at WLU for the 2010-2011 academic year, Scholarís Hall will afford students the opportunity to thrive in a high-achieving, intellectual atmosphere.

Scholarís Hall is committed to empowering its students to achieve their greatest potential by focusing on scholastic achievement, leadership development, community engagement and exposure to advanced research. Programming will purposefully deepen learning outside of the classroom through a range of activities such as organized study groups, faculty mentorship, academic support and success sessions, and the application of in class content through field work and off campus activities. Our aim is to promote student engagement in first year, an investment in undergraduate education, and to encourage the intellectual curiosity of our incoming class.

Healthy Living Community - The Healthy Living Learning Community (HLC) is a community that emphasizes the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle while making the transition into the Laurier community in a way that is meaningful to each student. Students will benefit from a wide variety of activities focussing on all aspects of health and wellness, allowing them to stay healthier during their first year at Laurier. Through on-campus partnerships, students of the HLC will be able to take an active role in enhancing their wellness through a variety of exciting and engaging programs facilitated by a Residence Life Don with a strong background in the field.†

School of Business and Economics Academic Community - The SBE Learning Community provides a unique benefit for Laurierís top Business students. With a residence environment designed for highly competitive individuals, living in this community allows a select group of students to take their education to the next level. The SBE Learning Community encourages students to work collaboratively in attempting to understand and apply course material in context of the business world. Members of this community will find that living with other BBA majors provides excellent networking opportunities, and their attendance at weekly programming geared toward academic success increases their opportunity for success at the University level. Greater academic success will be encouraged through increased faculty and staff interaction, business related speakers and events, mentoring opportunities and an introduction to the academic support resources available on campus.

Global Engagement Community - (Only available for upper year students, and international students) A place where cultural diversity is apparent, discussed and most of all celebrated.†The philosophy behind the creation of the community is to promote understanding of the increasingly distinct cultures that are represented on Wilfrid Laurier Universityís campus. International students and domestic students alike will comprise this living and learning opportunity and they will spend the academic year learning about diversity, world issues and each other. It is an opportunity for the students who make up the community to explore new cultures and build an understanding of the complex issues that are facing the world today.


The Communication Studies†is designed for students who have a passion for the intricate and ever-changing world of communication in social, political and cultural environments. This community will provide a special group of students with the opportunity to truly engage in their first year experience through meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, faculty, and successful alumni. Through an array of purposeful events in a dynamic environment, these students will not only increase their academic success, but they will also have the opportunity to evaluate and identify potential career paths, develop personal skills and discover exciting new interests.

The Sociology RLC is designed to provide students who are passionate about the dynamic study of social life. Students in this community will be engaged in the examination of how society is created, maintained and changed, and how this affects their everyday lives. Focusing on the Sociology Department at WLU, students will be enrolled in an introductory Sociology Course that will engage them in the areas of Equity and Social Justice. Through community service, social interactions and personal development, students in this RLC will gain a deep understanding of what it truly means to be a value-adding member of a vibrant community. These students will have the opportunity to discover the intricacies of society, evaluate potential career paths and develop meaningful relationships to enhance their Laurier experience.

The Entrepreneurship will provide students with the opportunity to enhance their social and intellectual growth through creative programming tailored to providing them with the diverse skills, knowledge, network and tools to be successful entrepreneurs. Students will have access to a network of alumni, one of the countryís leading start-up company hubs, the WLU Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, and much more.

The Film and Culture†exists to provide students who are passionate about the intriguing world of film and its connection to popular and every day culture with opportunities to engage with other students, faculty, and community members who share similar interests. This unique group of students will be exposed to the intriguing world of Film and Culture, all while deepening their understanding of course material and future career paths. These students will have the opportunity to explore their abilities to understand, critique and transform Film and Cultural practices in an environment that promotes academic success, personal development and meaningful relationships.

The Languages and Literature†is designed for students who are passionate about the diverse world of language and its intricate relationship with literature. While exploring these concepts and how they relate to diversity and identity, students in this community will engage in a unique experience that deepens their understanding of languages, literatures and cultures. They will have the opportunity to interact, collaborate and build meaningful relationships with other like-minded students, faculty and alumni in an environment that promotes creativity and curiosity.†