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October 8, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Pre-Arrival Information

Preparing to Come to Canada

There are a number of important tasks that you must take care of well in advance of coming to Canada, including requesting accommodation, applying for your visa, if required, and paying your tuition fees. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Tuition fees
You will be required to pay $3,650 in tuition for an 8-week cycle (or $4,950 for a 14-week cycle). You will also be charged for health insurance, textbooks, and student fees. Please see the link on the left-hand side of this page entitled Tuition Fees and Payment Instructions.

There are several options available for LEAF students at Laurier's Brantford campus. You may choose to live in one of our comfortable and modern residences, or you can choose to live in a private home with the homestay program, or you can make your own arrangements for accommodation. Please contact to confirm your choice. If you choose not to live in residence or in homestay, you are responsible for making arrangements for private accommodation. The WLU Housing website has resources that can help you find a suitable place to live.

Study Permits
To study in Canada in an ESL program of less than six months in length, you do not require a study permit, but you may still require Temporary Resident Visa (entry Visa) to enter Canada, depending on your country of nationality. To study in a degree or diploma program, or an ESL program longer than 6 months, you need a study permit. When you apply for a study permit, you will automatically receive an entry visa if you are required to obtain one. For a list of countries which require an entry Visa, please refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada ( Your first study permit must be obtained outside Canada at the Canadian Visa post, consulate or embassy that serves your country of nationality or where you are legally residing.

To obtain an entry visa, you will be required to present a passport, proof of acceptance to Wilfrid Laurier University, and proof of sufficient funds to support yourself while studying here. There may be additional documents required, depending on your place of application.

Once you are studying in Canada, extensions to your study permit can be done online as an inside Canada application. The LEAF Program will assist students with this process. Students should contact for more information.

Please make sure to check the website of the Canadian visa office where you will be applying or the processing times and be sure to submit your application with enough time to be able to arrive in Canada to start your program. Some countries can take over three months, so apply early!

When to Arrive
We encourage all students to arrive at least one day prior to the first day of term in order to take care of tasks related to arriving in a new country. There are many small and not so small things that need to be taken care of as soon as arrive, such as opening a bank account, getting a cell phone, finding your way around campus, and communicating with your family or friends to let them know you arrived safely.

On the first day of the LEAF Program term, you will write the LEAF Placement exam to determine in what LEAF level you will begin your studies. After the exam, you will take part in an Orientation session organized by the LEAF Program to give you helpful information about your classes, Laurier, and life in Canada. You will receive helpful information and advice that will help you become familiar with your new environment, so you are ready to start LEAF classes.

2014-15 Academic Year

Term Start Date Target Arrival Date
June 23, 2014 June 21 or 22, 2014
September 2, 2014 August 31 or September 1, 2014
January 5, 2015 January 3 or 4, 2015
April 27, 2015 April 25 or 26, 2015

Arriving by air at Pearson International Airport (Toronto)

There are a number of different options for transportation from Pearson Airport to the city of Brantford. Please make sure that you have enough cash to cover a fare, or a credit card that works in Canada.

Aeroport Taxi and Limo Service: or 1-800-465-3434

Airlink: or 1-877-405-8278

Jet Limousine: or 1-800-230-4520

Arriving from Downtown Toronto
The coach terminal in Toronto is located at Bay and Dundas St., a two minute walk from Toronto City Hall, five minutes from the Eaton Centre. The train station, called Union Station, is located at Bay and Front St., and is a 10 minute walk from the Eaton Centre.

Greyhound Bus: Greyhound offers frequent service between Toronto and Brantford. Please check

VIA Rail: There are daily regular trains between downtown Toronto and Brantford. Please check

Note: The bus station in Brantford is a short walk from the student residences. The train station is 1km from campus. For local transportation information and a city map visit the City of Brantford website.

Local Hotels in Brantford
Quality Inn & Suites: 664 Colborne Street; 2 km from campus.

Best Western Brant Park Inn: 19 Holiday Drive; 5 km from campus.

Health Insurance
International students are not covered by the provincial healthcare program and as such are required to pay for health insurance. This insurance is mandatory as no student can study at Laurier without having health insurance. Details regarding purchasing health insurance through a private health care provider will be given to you upon arrival. Please see the link on the left-hand side of this page entitled Tuition Fees and Payment Instructions.


Students living in residence at Laurier will not be provided with bedding. Please bring your own bedding or contact for more information.

Please make sure to use our online ESL Student Arrival Form (click the link on the left-hand side of this page entitled ESL Student Arrival Form) to let us know when and how you are going to be arriving.