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August 2, 2015

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MA103 - Spring Term 2015

The Precalculus Modules forMA103have been created to provide students with the opportunity to review, and demonstrate mastery of, prerequisite material. Each Module covers a skill from secondary school mathematics, as listed below.

Students progress through a Module's series of on-line Assignments as independent self-study (using theMapleTA software).

Up to five bonus marks can be earned for course credit by successfully completing the precalculus modules. A module is considered complete once a minimum grade of 80% is obtained ona Module's Test for Credit.

Before a Module's Test for Credit may be attempted, the student must have successfully completed (obtained a minimum score of 80%) on all of the Module's Assignments. The studentwill start at the Module's Assignment 1. Complete the assignment any number of times needed until at least an 80% score is obtained, and then progress to Assignment 2. Continue in this manner until all assignments have been completed to the 80% mastery level. The student is then eligible to attempt the Module's Test for Credit.

A Test for Credit istimed and must be completed in one sitting, but may be attempted any number of times (though having achieved 80% or better on the prerequisite work should result in being able to pass the Test on the first or second try). In order to obtain a module's bonus mark, a passing score on the Test must be attained by a certain date, as outlined below:

Module Deadline, to obtain Bonus Mark:
A: Numeric Expressions Wed. May 27th, 11:59pm
B: Algebraic Expressions Wed. May 27th, 11:59pm
Both Modules A and B must be completed to obtain Bonus Mark #1
C:Rational Expressions Wed. June 20th, 11:59pm
D: Solving Equations & Inequalities Wed. June 10th, 11:59pm
Both Modules C and D must be completed to obtain Bonus Mark #2
E: Geometry Thurs. July 2nd, 11:59pm
F: Functions& Graphing Thurs. July 2nd, 11:59pm
Both Modules E and F must be completed to obtain Bonus Mark #3
G: Exponentials& Logarithms Wed. July 15th, 11:59pm
H: Trigonometry and Trigonometric Functions Wed. July 15th, 11:59pm
Both Modules G and H must be completed to obtain Bonus Mark #4

If all 8 modules are completed, then Bonus Mark #5 has also been earned!

Please note that the modules are independent of one another. You do not have to have completed Module B before attempting Module C, etc.

Reference Notes (extra explanations for topics covered by the modules)

MapleTA site - click here to find out how to (the UserGuide): login, accessthe modules, and correct syntax for entering answers.
- click here to go to the MapleTA login screen(please read the above "how to" guide first!!)

The Modules will become accessible by Friday May 8th.

**Pleasecheck the Browser Configuration requirements to use MapleTA- in particular, your computer must have a recent version of Java installed. For the latest version, available as a free download, click Java.

ThePrecalculus Modules Program for all introductory calculus coursesis coordinated by the Mathematics Assistance Centre. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the module program, please contact Tina Balfour (Email: Extension: 2077).