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April 23, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Mental Health Certificate Program

Mental Health Issues in the Classroom: Meeting Needs and Building Strengths


Interested persons can now register for Module 2 (Depression and Other Mood Disorders in the Classroom) and/or Module 3 (Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom).  Course access to Module 2 begins April 7th, and last date for registration is April 17th.  Course access to Module 3 begins May 5th, and last date for registration is May 16th. 

Course participants must complete Module 1in order to register for Module 2 or 3.  Please visit for additional information and registration. For any additional questions please email .

This program has been designed for elementary and high school teachers and other professionals in the education system or social agencies who wish to: a) improve their understanding of and ability to recognize mental health issues in the classroom; b) improve their ability to support students experiencing mental health issues; c) improve their ability to liaise, connect and communicate with community resources; and d) learn about ways in which to promote good mental health in the classroom. Program participants must have or be working towards a Bachelor of Education, and must have classroom or administrative responsibilities within the education system. Para-professionals and others may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Program Content:

The full program consists of seven modules. Module 1 is mandatory for all participants wishing to take modules 2-7, and must be completed prior to enrolling in modules 2-7. Modules 2-7 can be taken in any order, and participants can choose any or all of the modules of interest to them. Completion of all seven modules will earn the participant a certificate in “Mental Health Issues in the Classroom”. Starting in 2014/15, participants who wish to earn their certificate must take all seven modules within a 2-year period. For participants who begin this program in the fall of 2013, all seven modules must be completed within a 3-year period. The seven modules are described below:

Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health Issues in the Classroom

Module 2: Depression and Other Mood Disorders in the Classroom: When Sadness Takes Over

Module 3: Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom: Moving Beyond Helping Students Cope with Everyday Stress

Module 4: Self-harm and Suicidality in the Classroom: Key Issues in Reducing Risk and Preventing Harm

Module 5: Body Image and Eating Disorders in the Classroom: When the Mirror Talks Back

Module 6: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Substance Use and Dependence in the Classroom: The Impact of Addictions on Learning

Module 7: Disruptive Behaviour Disorders and Psychotic Disorders in the Classroom: When Challenged Students Challenge You

Program Format:

Module 1 is on-line, and is available any time to participants who have registered though Continuing Education. Participants can anticipate devoting approximately 6 hours to this portion of the course. Modules 2-7 use a blended format; the online portion of these modules is approximately 6 hours, and the 2 in-class sessions will be approximately 3 hours each. The in-class sessions will be held in the Waterloo region; exact locations will be announced prior to the module start dates. The in-class sessions will focus on the practical application of information offered in the on-line portion of the module. Participants can anticipate extensive consideration of scenarios, case studies, sharing of experience from their practice, and collaboration. Modules 2-7 will be limited to 30 students per class.

Program Costs:

Cost of module 1 is $50.00, and per modules 2-7 is @ $150.00 (for a total cost of $950.00 per certificate).

Program Start Date:

Interested persons can register for Module 1 at any time.  Once Module 1 has been completed, interested people can register for Module 2 (course access begins April 7th, 2014, registration closes April 17th) AND/OR Module 3 (course access begins May 5th, 2014, registration closes May 16th). 

Registration Information:

Registration is now open.  Please contact for registration details.

*We are interested in hearing from you, even if this program doesn't quite meet your current needs.  This will give us important information to consider as this program continues to grow and develop.  If you have feedback to offer, please send an email to