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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
July 30, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Professional Teaching Orientation Week (August 31- September 4, 2015)


Professional Teaching Orientation Week Schedule

TECs attend the Professional Learning Camp which occurs during the last week of August before Semester One classes begin. The Professional Learning Camp is designed to help TECs become familiar with the WLU Faculty of Education, the PDS site in which they will be working and learning over the course of their professional year and the lap top program. TECs have an opportunity to meet and participate in team-building activities with faculty and other teacher education TECs, and learn about library, technology and other resources available to them through WLU.

TECs are introduced to key structures and components of the WLU program that facilitate learning for both them and for their students. TECs become familiar with the goals, purposes and procedures related to the PDS sites, the Learning Cohort, the Professional Learning Seminar, and the range of required field experiences. They are introduced to the four themes of Learner-, Knowledge-, Assessment- and Community-Centeredness, that intersect all course and field work and become familiar with the themes' role in helping them create coherence among these various experiences.

During the Professional Learning Camp, TECs are oriented to the lap top component (HiTEC) of the WLU Faculty of Education program. HiTEC is an acronym meaning Higher Education for TECs. Through the WLU lap top program, TECs have an opportunity to acquire or hone skills related to using the technology to support student and personal professional learning, to manage administrative responsibilities related to teaching and to create and share professional knowledge. They are also introduced to the use of the lap top for the purpose of creating and managing their Professional Teaching Portfolio.

As part of the Professional Learning Camp, TECs are introduced to their assigned PDS site. They spendone day at the site before school starts, familiarizing themselves with staff, basic school policies and procedures, and learning about how schools and teachers prepare for the arrival of students in September.

Attendance at the Professional Teaching Orientation Week is MANDATORY and attendance will be taken each day.


SCHEDULE: A complete/detailed agenda will be available for pick-up at sign-in.

PARKING: Parking Permits for Camp Week will be available for pick-up at sign-in.

***Click here for a printable version of the 2015 PTOW Schedule