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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
June 26, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Practicum in China

We have our first two students embarking on a practicum in China. Emily Elder and Amy Speck-Miles will be leaving on May 4 for a 6-week stay. They will teach at the Canadian International School in Beijing, a private school which teaches both the Chinese and the New Brunswick curricula.


This is a technology-rich and extremely diverse school, with many cutting-edge features. During their stay, they will also have the opportunity to travel to Chongqing for a conference at Southwest University. Laurier has an office in Chongqing, a huge area of 32 million people, one of the fastest growing areas in China.

The conference will combine lectures on education in China with sightseeing opportunities. We look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return.

The Faculty of Education is attempting to expand its international opportunities. Stay tuned for more information!