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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Education
June 24, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Another way in which we assist TECs in making connections among different learning experiences and understandings is to present throughout the program four themes that can be used to describe what effective classrooms are like, and what effective teachers do.
Learner-Centred Teachers

• Demonstrate respect for students’ diverse family backgrounds
• Respond to individual needs of students
• Encourage student responsibility for learning and classroom behaviour
• Establish a safe and positive classroom climate
• Establish rapport with students
• Establish clear routines, procedures, and transitions
• Employ effective classroom management strategies
• Present lessons that allow children to build mastery of concepts

Knowledge-Centred Teachers

• Research content of lessons to be presented
• Develop lessons based on Ministry curricula
• Present accurate information
• Make interdisciplinary connections clear to children

Pedagogy-Centred Teachers

• Plan clear and developmentally-appropriate lessons
• Clearly link lessons to Ministry curriculum
• Implement and pace lesson plans effectively
• Effectively plan, deliver and assess units of study
• Use a variety of sound teaching methods
• Motivate students and engage them in learning
• Have material and equipment ready in advance
• Differentiate instruction to meet individual needs
• Integrate technologies appropriately into instruction
• Employ a variety of assessment techniques
• Use assessment data to plan instruction
• Provide effective and timely feedback to students

Community-Centred Teachers

  • Build a classroom community that celebrates social justice and equity
  • Cultivate professional relationships with Associate Teachers, Principals, and other school staff
  • Communicate effectively with parents
  • Contribute positively to school community